Thursday, November 30, 2006


Fake Gambling Week 13
This Could Have Been Pointless Shit.....

My picks for Week 13:

  • Baltimore at Cincinnati UNDER (42.5) - $200

  • Minnesota at Chicago (-9.5) (Stations line) - $100

  • Kansas City at Cleveland (+5.5) - $50

  • San Diego at Buffalo (+6) - $50

  • New York Jets at Green Bay (+1.5) - $50

  • Dallas (-4) at New York Giants - $100

  • BOJ's Week 12 Stake: $1450
    BOJ's Week 12 Wagered: $550

    Wanted to get these in in time to take the under in the Thursday Nighter. The 'Gals showed signs of putting it together offensively against the Browns last week, but that was Cleveland, this is Baltimore. Oh, how it pains me to say anything nice about the Ravens......

    I get the feeling that the Vi-Queens are phoning it in at this point. The Bears are in rough patch offensively right now. Minnesota should help them solve that.

    Three home 'dogs are next. I don't expect any of these teams to win with the possible exception of Green Bay. Two of them should cover though. I hope. Lord, I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Whenever I think the Giants are about to implode, they come back strong. They're not playing well and are throwing blame around. I don't care, that can't be good. The 'Boys are playing well, quit the bickering, TO has shut up and thing seem to be pretty good in Dallas. Are the Cowboys 4 points better than the Giants right now? Five even.

    And then we have Jason:

    $12.50 on every game

  • Baltimore at Cincy (43 Over)

  • Minnesota at Chicago (36 Under)

  • Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh (41 Under)

  • Arizona at St Louis (45 1/2 Over)

  • Indy at Tennessee (48 Over)

  • Jacksonville at Miami (36 1/2 Over)

  • San Fran at New Orleans (46 Over)

  • Atlanta at Washington (38 Over)

  • KC at Cleveland (36 1/2 Over)

  • Detroit at New England (42 Under)

  • San Diego at Buffalo (43 Under)

  • NY Jets at Green Bay (41 1/2 Over)

  • Dallas at NY Giants (43 1/2 Over)

  • Houston at Oakland (37 Under)

  • Seattle at Denver (40 1/2 Over)

  • Carolina at Philly (I'll take the under)
    It's 37 1/2, Jason, under 37 1/2.....

  • Jason's Week 13 Stake: $200
    Jason's Week 13 Wagered: $200

    Right. Again, Jason has chosen to pick every single game. This time it's o/u on every game. In a weird way, I hope he ends up with exactly the same amount at the end of the week like he did after last week. Another 7-7-2 week? That would be cool!



    Pointless Shit

    University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

    Intramural Basketball Results

    week  #6

    Wednesday, October 18, 2000

    CLEATSUP 69 16 2 9 13 40 Good 13 Hess 11
    THE BETTER TEAM 4 14 6 8 32 Ray 16 Mehta 6
    ADC 2 6 8 2 18 Beckman 10 Meyers 4
    AZO B 2 2 2 4 10 Hausser 8 Warren 2
    U.S.A. 9 9 2 11 31 DeHoratius 11 Welsh 8
    LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD 4 2 7 4 17 Ware 8 Bhatt 6
    AZO 8 9 10 16 43 Majmudar 14 Geist 12
    USP 11 3 12 10 36 Winters 17 Krout 7
    PLAYERS' BALL- TNE 12 8 6 7 33 Parikh 20 Qureshi 10
    MR T'S WILD RYDE 2 2 7 6 17 Dy 8 Abraham 4
    SHOOT TO KILL IV 11 6 11 9 37 Darmstadter 16 Delp 11
    F.A.H.Q. 6 6 6 5 23 Zaruta 16 Toth, O'Brian
    Cassiaggno 2

    Tuesday, October 17, 2000

    COUCH SLOBS 10 8 15 17   50 Agnew 16 McKeown 16
    HEINOSITY 7 5 6 6 24 Cunningham 15 Scialla 5
    THE REPERTOIRE 16 11 10 7 44 Palcza 14 Karsch 14
    PHISHEDZ 10 11 10 9 40 Bruno 12 Man 11
    SHOOT TO KILL IV 16 12 10 10 48 Grobelny 18 Darmstadter 13
    TROG SQUAD 2 2 1 4 9 Kishel 5 McAlanis 4
    PHI PSI B 3 3 6 10 22 Arsli 9 J. Patel 6
    KY B 0 6 5 2 13 Waible 7 Soderblom 4
    KY 0 Forfeit loss
    OKAZAKI FRAGMENTS 12 6 6 9 33 Lasek 8 Davis 6
    CAFÉ IV 4 7 5 12 28 Ikard 12 Snook 7

    The Globex Corporation Newsletter: Your source for six year old intramural basketball results from a University you've never heard of......


    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


    I Hate Snow
    And I Don't Just Mean White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.....


    I hate snow.

    Too many years in SoCal, I guess. Oh, the old roomie and I went 4 wheeling in the Angeles National Forest when I lived out there, ran into some pretty intense snowfall that we could have gotten pretty seriously stuck in. While I didn't want to get stranded, I do think it would have been hilarious if a guy from South Dakota and a guy from Wisconsin would have gotten stuck in the snow just south and west of Lake Huges, California.

    You see, then, snow was cute. We ran into snow and it was sort of a reason for celebration. That was another great thing about living in Southern California, you could find snow. You could drive an hour or two and go see snow. You know, sit in your car and look at it, then drive back home and spend the rest of the day on the beach.

    I went kayaking on Alamitos Bay in December of 1999. I was paddling away and it struck me that it was actually December. Six months later I had been living in the Twin Cities, doing the same on one of the many lakes in that area in Decmember would have been insane. But there I was in a pair of swim trunks looking at jellyfish then paddling over to Starbucks.

    The first snow after moving to the RC was novel. I realized that I'd completely forgotten how to drive on it, but the Subaru never forgot and kept me out of trouble.

    The first big snow was something a little different. I was at the Cheers Sunday night open mic and someobody looked out the back door and said we should all think about trying to get home. Cheers was in a Ramada Inn, so getting snowed in there would have been more enjoyable than having to overnight at most bars I've been to. Still, I like to sleep at home.

    I almost made it home. I got about a block from my place and couldn't get around the numerous other cars stuck in an intersection. I was able to park my car (parallel even!) and set out with the harp bag and the guitar, wind howling, snow pelting my face. I got to my place and was happy that I did.

    That kind of snowfall in the RC is kind of cool in that it doesn't stick around too long. We got about eight inches that time, but it was probably all gone by Wednesday. Cheyenne is a little bit the same, warm winds come of the mountains to our west and seem to melt the snow (as air loses elevation, the pressure increases and it also heats some. Learn Meteorology with BOJ. Or Physics).

    Now the Twin Cities, there was some snow to hate! Yeah, you'd get that first big snow in Ocotober or November and say goodbye to the ground until March or so. Depressing as hell. Just makes you want to sit around and drink all winter. Works though.

    Pretty good snowfall last night. There's an inch or two on my car, which hasn't moved since about 3am. It's 8 degrees. Single digits. This snow isn't going anywhere today. I'll admit that it's pretty. But I still hate it.

    HBBA just moved here from Arizona, so she's going through the same "hate the cold, hate the snow" thing that I went through in 2003. As bad as it is for me right now, I know it's worse for her. On the other hand, she does keep her heat turned up pretty high, so I take advantage of that as much as possible. Like I need an excuse to want to hang out with her.

    This post is in real danger of turning somewhat positive. That in mind this post is over.

    Hate snow.



    Onion Radio News

    Doyle Redland
    With Doyle Redland

    No One Stabbed Or Anything At Off-Campus Party

    Listen to the story here.

    It's The Onion. I don't have to tell you what to do......



    Tuesday, November 28, 2006


    Positive Tuesday Not Cancelled
    I'm Just Not Making a Post
    I Am Really Positive, Though


    Just not ready to share right now.......



    Fake Gambling Results Week 12

    I really thought that Jason picking every game for the same $12.50 would make my job more difficult. Good news, 7 wins is a Fake Gambling record! So is 7 loses. So is 2 pushes. Lots of new ground being broken:

  • Miami 27 at Detroit (+2 1/2) 10 -$12.50
  • Tampa Bay (+11)10 at Dallas 38 -$12.50
  • Denver (+1) 10 at KC 19 -$12.50
  • Jacksonville 24 at Buffalo (+3) 27 +$12.50
  • Houston 11 at NY Jets (-5 1/2) 26 +$12.50
  • Pittsburgh 0 at Baltimore (-2 1/2) 27 +$12.50

  • Cincy (-3) 30 at Cleveland 0 +$12.50

  • Arizona 26 at Minnesota (-6) 30 -$12.50

  • San Fran (+5 1/2) 17 at St. Louis 20 +$12.50

  • New Orleans (+3) 31 at Atlanta 13 +$12.50

  • Carolina (-4 1/2) 13 at Washington 17 -$12.50

  • Chicago (+3) 13 at New England 17 -$12.50

  • Philly 21 at Indy (-9 1/2) 45 +$12.50

  • NY Giants (-3) 21 at Tennessee 24 PUSH

  • Oakland 14 at San Diego (-13) 21 -$12.50

  • Green Bay 24 at Seattle (-10) 34 PUSH

  • Week 12 Against the Spread: 7-7-2
    Week 12 Over/Unders: 0-0

    Jason Season Against the Spread: 12-20-3
    Jason Season Over/Unders: 3-2
    Jason Balance for Week 11: $0
    Jason Total Amount Remaining: $200

    I would like to comment on every game as I usually do each week, but I've got to get to sleep sometime tonight. In the end, a lot of work to end up exactly where he started.

    A reminder of my picks:

  • Houston 10 at New York Jets (-5.5) 26 +$100

  • Pittsburgh 0 at Baltimore (-2.5) 27 (Stations line) +$50

  • San Francsico (+5.5) 17 at St. Louis 20 +$50

  • Philadelphia (+9) 21 at Indianapolis 45 -$50

  • Week 12 Against the Spread: 3-1
    Week 12 Over/Unders: 0-0

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 22-18-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-6-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$150
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1450

    Fun Fake Gambling times, folks. A good time was had by all.


    Monday, November 27, 2006


    BOJ's Week 12 Gambling Extravaganza

    My week 12 results are in. Not a bad week:

  • Houston 10 at New York Jets (-5.5) 26 +$100

  • Pittsburgh 0 at Baltimore (-2.5) 27 (Stations line) +$50

  • San Francsico (+5.5) 17 at St. Louis 20 +$50

  • Philadelphia (+9) 21 at Indianapolis 45 -$50

  • Week 12 Against the Spread: 3-1
    Week 12 Over/Unders: 0-0

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 22-18-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-6-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$150
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1450

    So another winning week. The Jets seemed like a no brainer, but we all know where those have gotten me in the past. Actually so was the Ravens, but I'm so gun-shy on those types of picks that I'm playing really conservative. I really thought the 'Niners would win outright, but I'll take the win against the spread.

    I need a knew fall back strategy as the Colts beat the spread for the first time in three weeks. With a new QB in Philly, and little or no running game, I didn't think the Eagles had a chance. But I did it anyway. I'm an idiot.



    DHMO Update - Finding an Anti-DHMO Spokesman

    "So don't use DHMO, m'kay...."
    I'm good with words. I'm good with people. Given a different turn of events, I may have ended up in the PR business.

    I had a PR class in college (taught by a guy who went to high school with my sister who was later arrested for stealing a woman's purse in a restaurant) and I learned that it's not always the message, but how the message is presented.

    That's how it is with my weekly DHMO tirades. I'm right. You can't read the information that I present and not realized that I'm right. DHMO is Bad! You cannot defend it. I feel like my noble message is falling on deaf ears most of the time. I've been quite vocal in my opposition to DHMO since this summer. Has public perception of this deadly chemical compound changed? Highly unlikely.

    Then I realized that while the message is pure and good, sometimes I can be a little heavy handed in my delivery of it. What I need is a spokesman. A cartoon spokesman, because that would really reach the kids.

    I love South Park, they often deal with important social issues on the show. Even better, they deal with them in a very childish manner. Important issues dealt with in a childish manner. The whole family can enjoy that!

    I was very moved by school councilor Mr. Mackey's anti-swearing song in the movie South Park: Bigger! Longer! Uncut! Because of that song, I rarely use the word "fuck" anymore, I just say "m'kay." It's changed my life.

    So I propose that we use South Park's Mr. Mackey as the new anti-DHMO spokesman. We could produce a number of PSA's, print ads, all the normal PR bullshit. We can do this! With the help of Mr. Mackey, we can increase awareness of this deadly problem.

    Only then can real and meaningful change happen.



    Sunday, November 26, 2006


    S#!t !

    Post from Too Lazy to be Evil

    I concur, but I gots my own reasons. I will survive.


    Saturday, November 25, 2006


    Fake Gambling Week 12

    Alrighty, I finally got around to making my picks. This stuff is hard to do when family is in town and HBBA's (actually, there's only one HBBA) come back to town after being out of the area for a week. Less time for me. And I'm selfish. You don't want to hear about my personal problems.

    My picks for Week 12:

  • Houston at New York Jets (-5.5) - $100

  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2.5) (Stations line) - $50

  • San Francsico (+5.5) at St. Louis - $50

  • Philadelphia (+9) at Indianapolis - $50

  • BOJ's Week 12 Stake: $1300
    BOJ's Week 12 Wagered: $250

    I need to note that I'm not taking the $100 I would have won on the Jay Cutler not playing on Thursday bet. I'm sure that bet wouldn't have paid 2 to 1 had it appeared on any reputable sports board. However, if Cutler had played on Thanksgiving I would have deducted $100 from my fake bankroll.

    I'm not nearly as aggresiive as Jason, but I put myself out there. I'm impressed with the Jets, more impressed than I thought I would be. I'm impressed with the Texans too, about as impressed as I thought I would be. Two first time head coaches in a relativly meaningless game. The Jets have actually won a big game. I'll give them the nod and give the points.

    Baltimore only favored by two and a half at home? Against the Steelers? Look, the Steelers won't quit on their season even though they're done, but Baltimore is just too good (and it pains me to say that) to not beat the Steelers by at least a field goal.

    Give me the'Niner who are playing really good right now over the Rams who aren't. You're giving me points? Five and a half? Thank you!

    And in the compulsory round, I pick against the Colts because it's worked the last two weeks. Stick with what works.

    Jason' picks:

  • Miami at Detroit (+2 1/2) - $12.50
    Joey Harrington couldn't play there as a Lion and will be a Turkey as a Dolphin

  • Tampa Bay (+11) at Dallas - $12.50
  • Denver (+1) at KC - $12.50
    The Cutler Era is NOW

  • Jacksonville at Buffalo (+3) - $12.50
    Jacksonville plays down to the competition

  • Houston at NY Jets (-5 1/2) - $12.50
  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2 1/2) - $12.50

  • Cincy (-3) at Cleveland - $12.50

  • Arizona at Minnesota (-6) - $12.50

  • San Fran (+5 1/2) at St. Louis - $12.50

  • New Orleans (+3) at Atlanta - $12.50

  • Carolina (-4 1/2) at Washington - $12.50

  • Chicago (+3) at New England - $12.50

  • Philly at Indy (-9 1/2) - $12.50

  • NY Giants (-3) at Tennessee - $12.50

  • Oakland at San Diego (-13) - $12.50

  • Green Bay at Seattle (-10) - $12.50

  • Jason's Week 2 Stake: $200
    Jason's Week 12 Wagered: $200

    I'll be a busy boy tomorrow keeping track of all of these games. Who am I kidding, I'll get the scores at my leisure and make another post after the Monday Nighter.

    Have fun fake gambling!


    Friday, November 24, 2006


    Chicago Rolls Out Cold-Weather Prostitutes

    all weather
    Across the city, residents are swapping out regular
    hookers with more dedicated, cold-weather prostitutes
    in their cars.
    From The Onion:

    "When temperatures drop below zero, you need prostitutes you can depend on when they're needed most," said area resident Phillip Eadie, who mounted four cold-weather hookers earlier this month. "The last thing you want during a raging blizzard is to get stuck with a prostitute who's not up to the task."

    "Seriously, if it weren't for cold-weather prostitutes, I don't think I'd ever leave the house," he added.

    Hard hitting as always. Read The Onion. Purchase their goods and services. Don't make these people get real jobs.....




    Sue Foley Photo Friday

    Fan photo from Germany. Maybe not the
    highest quality photo, but she sure is cute......

    Should I use this photo for our album
    of duets?
    After a long week of holiday planning and celebration (OK, my sister did everything, but I did do some of the dishes), it's nice to sit back and enjoy another Sue Foley Photo Friday.

    Yep, a fine looking woman always cures the holiday blues. Now, she's no HBBA, but few are. Not nearly as conveniently located either. Still, Sue Foley is really nice to look at and even better to listen to. So is HBBA. I had better stop this before I get myself into the sort of trouble that I can't get out of.

    I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment of Sue Foley Photo Friday. Sue Foley Photo Friday is a regular feature of the Globex Corporation Newsletter. While unscientific studies have shown (and I've done unscientific studies, even graphed the results....), that it's the least popular of my features, it's not going anywhere. I'll just asume that there's some sort of sample error in the data. I mean, how could people not enjoy Sue Foley Photo Friday as much as I do? I'm serious. This is the highlight of the Globex Corporation Newsletter week. It's the feature that the entire Globex Corporation empire is built upon.

    I don't have to explain myself to you. It's Sue Foley Photo Friday. Just enjoy it.



    Thursday, November 23, 2006


    Mixing Metaphors on Week 12

    Jason looked at me when I saw him on Tuesday and just said, "I'm all in." My first thought was that he'd just used a poker term in a fake gambling environment, but I knew what he meant. With just $200 to lose, Jason is betting it all. Curiously he hasn'd picked just one "lock" to wager on, but picked EVERY SINGLE GAME at %12.50 per.

    Whatever floats your boat. I can do the math....

  • Miami at Detroit (+2 1/2) - $12.50
    Joey Harrington couldn't play there as a Lion and will be a Turkey as a Dolphin

  • Tampa Bay (+11) at Dallas - $12.50
  • Denver (+1) at KC - $12.50
    The Cutler Era is NOW

  • Jacksonville at Buffalo (+3) - $12.50
    Jacksonville plays down to the competition

  • Houston at NY Jets (-5 1/2) - $12.50
  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2 1/2) - $12.50

  • Cincy (-3) at Cleveland - $12.50

  • Arizona at Minnesota (-6) - $12.50

  • San Fran (+5 1/2) at St. Louis - $12.50

  • New Orleans (+3) at Atlanta - $12.50

  • Carolina (-4 1/2) at Washington - $12.50

  • Chicago (+3) at New England - $12.50

  • Philly at Indy (-9 1/2) - $12.50

  • NY Giants (-3) at Tennessee - $12.50

  • Oakland at San Diego (-13) - $12.50

  • Green Bay at Seattle (-10) - $12.50

  • Jason's Week 12 Stake: $200
    Jason's Week 12 Wagered: $200

    I haven't put any fake money on any of the Thursday games. Not even the Broncos over the Chiefs. The Broncos 'dogs? Maybe I should put some money down on whether or not Jay Cutler plays today for the Broncos or not. I hope he does, actually, wanted the Broncos to play well enough in a game before this point. Okay, I'm gonna do it:

  • Jay Cutler Plays against KC vs. Jay Cutler Doesn't Play against KC - $100

  • BOJ's Week 12 Stake: $1300
    BOJ's Week 12 Wagered (Preliminary): $100

    I am such a compulsive fake gambler.....


    Wednesday, November 22, 2006


    I'm Not Laughing
    ...Well, Maybe a Little

    My favorite portion of a news story in a long time:

    Supt Bhembhe yesterday said they had alerted the hospital in that area about the part, and asked for hospitals to be on the lookout for patients admitted with their penis missing.

    Read the rest of the sordid details HERE.


    A Football Related MBW

    Tomorrow night the Denver Broncos will play the Kansas City Chiefs. The League has changed the way they schedule the Thanksgiving, the Lions and Cowboys no longer get an automatic home game. Change is good, I suppose.

    A Broncos/Chiefs game is a natural. It's a great rivalry. What is now the AFC west was the original Western Division of the old American Football league. I may be a little bit biased as a Broncos fan, but I think that, over the last 20 years this has been the best division in football.

    For me it's about the rivalries. I like rivalries. You'll immediately think about the Broncos and Raiders (as a Broncos fan, anyway). A great rivalry, though the Raiders have stunk for a couple of years now. Think of former Raiders Coach, Mike Shanahan coming to Denver and winning two Super Bowls. Plus Shanahan contends that the Raiders still owe him money. I take great satisfaction that the Broncos first trip to the Super Bowl involved a trip through the then Super Bowl Champion Oakland Raiders.

    While San Diego has been up and down, they tend to put out a quality product. Add that their current coach, Marty Schottenheimer, has coached against the Broncos in 3 AFC championship game loses. As Tim (who lives directly above HBBA) said once "I think John Elway goes to Marty Schotteneimer's home once a year and kicks him square in the nuts." Still, there aren't many coaches who I have more respect for. And if he ever gets the Chargers to the big game, I'll root for Marty Schottenheimer to finally win it. Rooting for Marty ends when he plays the Broncos, though.

    That leaves the Chiefs. They're another good rivalry for the Broncos. They're football crazy in that area of Missouri (I've been there on Chief's game days). They love their Chiefs and rightly so. They play good football, if they've completely lacked any defense in the past couple of years. I could get behind the Chiefs if they didn't have to play the Broncos twice a year.

    Three good division rivals and I enjoy the six games the Broncos play against them every year. It's so much fun to root against the Raiders, it's fun to figure out how Schottenheimer will drop another game in Denver, it's fun to see the Chiefs try to light it up against Denver.

    There is one guy in this division, however, who I will always root against.

    I was in a fantasy football league last year with a bunch of SD Politicos. It was a really laid back league. We didn't get together of even schedule an on-line draft, we simply ranked our players and the computer picked our teams based on our rankings.

    The first thing I did was ranked Eddie Kennison dead last. Eddie Kennison wiln NEVER be selected by me in any fantasy football league.

    Kennison came into the NFL in 1996, a wide receiver with speed to burn. One of the fastest players in the league, I was a fan of Kennison. He started with the Rams, and had a nice rookie season. He suffered some injuries in subsequent season and didn't really live up to his initial promise.

    In 2001, the Broncos acquired Kennison. I was pleased. The Broncos already had two great WR's in Rod Smith and Eddie McCaffery, but the prospect of Kennison with his blazing speed lining up in 3 WR sets for the Broncos was intriguing to me.

    In the Broncos first game that season, McCaffery broke his leg in a gruesome scene and was out for the season. Hall of Fame RB (if the the selectin committee has any sense) Terrell Davis was also injured. The Broncos offense was missing two key players. At least, I thought, we've got a quality WR in Kennison to step in for McCaffery.

    I hope Kennison got clobbered on this play...
    Kennison stepped into the starting role. He played OK, but wasn't having a stellar season. The Broncos offense struggled. After week 8 Kennison "retired."

    Kennison gave up on the Broncos. That's a sin, in my book. The Broncos needed him, but Kennison chose to "retire" instead.

    The reason I curse the name of Eddie Kennison, however (and DO NOT mention his name in my house), is that 5 weeks later he "un-retired" and signed with the Chiefs.

    The Chiefs!!!

    You quit on your team, a team that desparately needed you, and sign with a division rival. You are a miserable excuse for a football player, a miserable excuse for a man.

    I generally do not root against people or teams (Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens excepted). I think it's bad Karma. I prefer to root for teams and find it much more satisfying.

    I do root against Eddie Kennison. I wish him nothing but ill in his NFL career. While I don't go so far as wish the same injury on him that Eddie McCaffery sustained on September 10th, 2001, I'll admit that the thought has crossed my mind.

    I'll be rooting for the Broncos tomorrow night. That's easy, they're my favorite team in any sport. I'll also be rooting against Eddie Kennison, and it will be every bit as easy.


    Tuesday, November 21, 2006


    Fake Gambling Results Week 11

    Busy last night during the game, and for quite a while afterward. Went to bed with a smile on my face, though. Not for the reason you're all thinking. You pervs!

    Didn't have time to post results last night, and Jason's final game was in the balance. So, without further Apu, Jason's results:

  • Inidanapolis (-1.5) 14 at Dallas 21 -$100

  • New York Giants 10 (+3.5) at Jacksonville 26 - $50

  • San Diego 35 at Denver 27 OVER (42) +$50

  • Week 11 Against the Spread: 0-2
    Week 11 Over/Unders: 1-0

    Jason Season Against the Spread: 5-13-1
    Jason Season Over/Unders: 3-2
    Jason Balance for Week 11: -$100
    Jason Total Amount Remaining: $200

    And just to remind everyone of how good I am at this:

  • Indianapolis 14 at Dallas (Pick 'em) 21 (Stations Line) +$50

  • Indianapolis 14 at Dallas 21 OVER (49) -$50

  • Minnesota 20 at Miami (+3.5) 24 +$100

  • Detroit (+2) 10 at Arizona 17 (Stations Line) -$50

  • BC Lions (-7.5) 25 vs. Montreal Alouettes 14 +$87.28 Canadian (+$100 US)

  • Week 11 Against the Spread: 3-1
    Week 11 Over/Unders: 0-1

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 19-17-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-6-1
    BOJ CFL Against the Spread: 1-0
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$150
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1300



    California Couple Calls for Orgasm for Peace

    Just One? How about oh, say, four?
    From the AP:

    The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, whose immodest goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm Dec. 22 while focusing on world peace.

    "The orgasm gives out an incredible feeling of peace during it and after it," Reffell said Sunday. "Your mind is like a blank. It's like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change."

    By promoting what they hope to be a synchronized global orgasm, they hope to get people to channel their sexual energy into something more positive.

    The couple said interest appears strong, with 26,000 hits a day to their Web site.

    "The dream is to have everyone in the world (take part)," Reffell said. "And if that means laying down your gun for a few minutes, then hey, all the better."

    You can read the whole story Here, but the good stuff is in this post.

    The Globex Corporation heartily and officially endorses this envent. I have checked out the web site, but I'm really in favor of orgasms. HOpe I don't have to wait until December 22nd for my next one.



    Why I Should Be Working For The Onion

    C-SPAN Releases Too Hot For C-SPAN! Video
    This will qualify for Positive Tuesday maybe?

    I do the graphic political humor thing over at BOJ News Service, but I'm so obviously an amateur. This is what I aspire to, though. The Onion simply kicks ass. In fact go there now. Don't even bother to come back. You'd just be wasting your time. In fact don't check out BOJ News Service, even a bigger waste of time.

    It's my dream job, people. I'd love to kick TV to the curb, move to Milwaukee and make goofy graphics for The Onion. Even if that meant actually living in Wisconsin. We all have to make sacrafices, am I right?


    Monday, November 20, 2006


    DHMO Update - FDA Practically Admits the Dangers of DHMO

    What was I talking about again? I can't remember.....
    In 1992, the FDA deemed that silicone breast implants were too dangerous for use on women for purely cosmetic reasons. Instead, saline implants were to be used.

    Saline implants, of course, are loaded with DHMO. And while I can't think of a much more noble use for such a deadly chemical compound, it seems that the FDA has reversed their actions and are once again allowing silicone breast implants.

    Why the change? Could it be that the FDA, a government agency, realized the dangers of DHMO? Perhaps this change in policy comes from some brave bureaucrat, concerned about the thousands of insecure women who have this dangerous but necessary procedure every year?

    I'm no fool. I realize that both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants contain DHMO. The big old fake ones are dangerous no matter how you look at them. No matter how long you look at them, even though you know you shouldn't, but sheesh, I mean, look at them! They're huge and she's got 'em right out there, they're practically on display. I mean if she didn't want me to look at 'em.....

    What was I saying?

    Something about DHMO being bad. It is. Ban it.

    Thanks for listening. See you next week.



    Sunday, November 19, 2006


    Chargers 35 - Broncos 27

    As a football fan, that was one fantastic game. As a Broncos fan you hate to lose one like that.

    Look at it this way, other than that opening game loss to the Rams, the Broncos have lost two games to teams with a total of 3 losses between them. You can argue that the Colts and Charger are both amont the top 3 or 4 teams in football. Yeah, you want to come away with at least one of those games with a win, but it doesn't always happen.

    The offense was a little stagnant again tonight. Javon Walker wasn't involved nearly enough at meaningful times in the game. Jake Plummer has looked like Jake Plummer has looked all year, up and down. At times Plummer looked great, but at the very least he didn't make the huge mistake that have plagued him his whole career.

    A bright spot of offense was the running game. Mike Bell had a nice game and Damien Nash was explosive running for 52 yards on 10 carries. This in a game when leading rusher Tatum Bell was innactive. Geez the Broncos can run the ball, and against a pretty good San Diego defense.

    The Chargers offens is amazing, but the Broncos 'contained' Tomlinson as much as anyone has recently. The 102 yards rushing are something I expected. I could do without LT's 4 touchdowns. He is, in my estimation, the best player in the NFL. He stepped it up against a great Broncos D. That's what great players do.

    Just 3 days off before the Chiefs on Thanksgiving. The team needs to put this one behind them and focus on Kansas City.



    BC Gives Me a Nice Week 11!

    B.C. Lions running back Ian Smart (R) catches a
    touchdown pass while being chased by Montreal
    Alouettes defensive back Ricky Bell during the first
    half of the Canadian Football League's 94th Grey Cup
    game in Winnipeg. The win also assured blog
    operator BOJ another fake gambling winning week.
    REUTERS/Fred Greenslade (CANADA)
    It's a dream come true. The BC Lions win the Grey Cup, and additionally assure me yet another winning week. Let's just forget about last week, OK?

    I've run through different strategies in my fake gambling. Always picking against the Raiders regardless of the spread worked for a while. With the Raiders playing decent ball now (unbelievably!) I've switched to a strategy of always picking against the Colts. Two anti-Indy picks, two wins. I'm a freakin' fake gambling genius!

  • Indianapolis 14 at Dallas (Pick 'em) 21 (Stations Line) +$50

  • Indianapolis 14 at Dallas 21 OVER (49) -$50

  • Minnesota 20 at Miami (+3.5) 24 +$100

  • Detroit (+2) 10 at Arizona 17 (Stations Line) -$50

  • BC Lions (-7.5) 25 vs. Montreal Alouettes 14 +$87.28 Canadian (+$100 US)

  • Week 11 Against the Spread: 3-1
    Week 11 Over/Unders: 0-1

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 19-17-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-6-1
    BOJ CFL Against the Spread: 1-0
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$150
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1300

    Who knew picking CFL games could be such a blast. Great game, too, as the Als were driving at the end. Down by 11, Montreal was inside the twenty with less than a minute to go. A 6 point major (that's at touchdown to us americans) would have messed up my win. BC's defense held, stopping the Als on thrid down, QB Dave Dickinson knelt down and I came away a winner.

    Yup, a good week.

    Jason still has tonight's game and the Monday Nighter before I post his results/



    Fake Gambling Week 11.1
    The CFL Edition

    BC Lions- Feel The Magic!
    I'm adding a late game here, but I'm going north of the border for this one.

    Anyone who knows me knows I live and die by my British Columbia Lions. I know I talk a lot about the Denver Broncos, but who are we kidding? For me, it's all about the BC Lions. I love the BC Lions! I can't help myself!

    I try to avoid betting on favorite teams, but the Lions are locks, mortal locks to win this year's Grey Cup. And I don't mind giving up seven and a half points to Montreal either. Pffft! Montreal. What do they know about football in Quebec?

    So in addition to my previous picks:

  • Indianapolis at Dallas (Pick 'em) (Stations Line) - $50

  • Indianapolis at Dallas OVER (49) - $50

  • Minnesota at Miami (+3.5) - $100

  • Detroit (+2) at Arizona (Stations Line) - $50

  • I'm adding the follwoing game:

  • BC Lions (-7.5) vs. Montreal Alouettes - $87.28 Canadian ($100 US)

  • BOJ's Week 11 Stake: $1150
    BOJ's Week 11 Wagered: $350

    Jason didn't have the cobbles to pick the Grey Cup. Then again, I don't think he's the compulsive fake gamber that I am.....


    Saturday, November 18, 2006


    Fake Gambling Week 11

    After the beating put on me last week, I found it really hard to muster up the courage to even look at the lines the week, let alone risk any of my hard earned fake money. Still, I'm ahead for the year (barely) so that must make me some kind of expert, right. So on to the picks:

  • Indianapolis at Dallas (Pick 'em) (Stations Line) - $50

  • Indianapolis at Dallas OVER (49) - $50

  • Minnesota at Miami (+3.5) - $100

  • Detroit (+2) at Arizona (Stations Line) - $50

  • BOJ's Week 11 Stake: $1150
    BOJ's Week 11 Wagered: $250

    Since picking against Indy last week was the only game I won, I do the same thing again this week. Actually, the Colts have to lose sometime, they've deserved to win every game they've won, but this team is flawed. They can't run the ball and they don't play much defense. Parcells' genius seems to be fading, but he should figure out a way to beat the Colts. And hopefully score a lot of points in doing so.

    Early in the season, I swore off the Dolphins. They were my pick to breakout and win the AFC East but they broke my heart. Now they pull off two wins in a row. Am I back on the bandwagon? No, but the Vi-queens are fading.

    The Cards are just spinning their wheels at this point. Denny Green will be gone at the end of the year and his players have given up on him. So how is this team favored? It seems like when I ask questions like that it ends up biting me in the ass. Detroit seems close. I'll take them over the Cards any day.

    On to Jason's picks:

  • Inidanapolis (-1.5) at Dallas - $100

  • New York Giants (+3.5) at Jacksonville - $50

  • San Diego at Denver OVER (42) - $50

  • Jason's Week 11 Stake: $300
    Jason's Week 11 Wagered: $200

    Running awfully short on funds there. I see Jason has the Colts over Dallas. I considered it, but, well, I've already discussed this.

    I also can't see how the Giants, banged up as they are, can be a 'dog to J'ville.

    While Denver's defense is playing exceptionally, it's hard not to take the over considering the points San Diego put up last week against the Bengals. They've got the best player in the NFL and a good young QB. I think Denver will win this one, but it won't be the classic Broncos 17-7 win.



    Amanda Conway

    Check out this story from The Rapid City Journal about singer-songwriter Amanda Conway:

    Music brought her into a supportive community, and she found she wasn’t alone. Her updated philosophy is, “Life sucks sometimes, but you don’t have to sit around and mope about it.”

    And, through her music — which now includes some upbeat songs — she is making new friends every day.

    “I got stopped at Taco Bell twice!” she exclaimed. (Exclamation points are frowned upon in journalism, but Conway is a walking exclamation, and they are unavoidable when quoting her.) “People said, are you Amanda Conway? I really like you, you’re amazing, I saw you at this show ... .”

    “That’s when you know you’re doing something right,” she concluded.

    She must be.

    Amanda first played in public on June 27th of last year at Dunn Bros. Coffee's open mic. I remember it well. She was hard not to notice, somewhat shy, unsure of herself. By the next week, she pretty much owned the place. An amazing talent, and it makes me so happy when I think that I was there on that first night.

    Lent her CD to HBBA last week, who seemed to like it. I really did that, but the main reason I wrote that is because I wanted to mention HBBA again.....


    Friday, November 17, 2006


    Sue Foley Photo Friday

    Maybe not the best photo, but easily the biggest photo ever featured on
    Sue Foley Photo Friday!!!
    Too much Jim Beam, too happy over two comeback wins in Trivial Pursuit: The Eighties Edition (plus, I really enjoyed my partner's company) so I won't be saying much tonight. Really I'm just typing while the bed warms up a little bit....



    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    Pointless Shit
    The Graphic Edition


    It has absolutely no point, it's poorly, even "shitily" done. If this doesn't qualify as Pointless Shit, I don't know what does.

    When I found the People cover I originally planned to put myself on the cover, you know, that photo I took after I broke my nose on the 4th, but then I found the picture of the creepy Burger King Guy, and, well, the graphic pretty much made itself.....


    Wednesday, November 15, 2006


    Just Bitching to Myself

    The Globex Corporation Newsletter is over 22 months old. I've posted well over 600 times, less than 200 of those posts being stuff that I reposted from The Onion. So I'm averaging pretty close to a post a day.

    This blog is very different than when I started it on December 31st 2004, but I'm very different from the person I was then. I've lived in 3 different residences while writing this blog, and one didn't even have net access. I've posted from places of employment and coffee shops. I've posted from friends' and relatives' houses. I've posted as much as I could.

    I don't know why I started this other than that TSA got one and I thought it was pretty cool. We had a Patient 957 website and we all wrote a little weekly blog, trying so damn hard to be as cool as SMB and his blog. TSA started his blog after that, wanting to still write, I thought it was an admirable idea, worthy of theft by me. So I did.

    I had no idea what I was doing when I started this. I still don't. I made an effort to write something, anything, every day. Sometimes it was the weather, sometimes it was bitching about the minutiae of my life, sometimes it was bitching about actual important thing in my life.

    Early on, it was a lot of bitching. I'm good at bitching. I can bitch all day long about something or other. And this is Mega Bitch Wednesday after all. So what am I bitching about today?

    Anonymity, or my lack of it. When I started this, I called myself "Blind Orange" Julius, a name I ripped off from an old episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. It was more out of fun than anything. I'd been using the name for a while in diferent contexts. Some people actually knew me by that name.

    But not many people knew about the blog. TSA knew about it, I sent links to some distant friends so I didn't have to write so many emails about my everyday life. And people who stumbled upon the site didn't know blogger "Blind Orange" Julius from substitute teacher Doug Jungemann (for example...). There was a general anonymity. People who already knew me knew who I was. People who I wanted to know knew who I was.

    I bitched about the school district I was teaching in. I could do that because nobody there knew that I was BOJ. I bitched about old girlfriend 5-55 and she didn't know about it. I eventually told her about the blog since I wrote a song based on something she'd said and thought it only fair to let her know about it. The main things in my life I could bitch about I was able to do so without anyone who mattered being the wiser.

    I've deleted one post in the history of this blog. It was a vicious if totally true and even somewhat justified post about a family member. It's not like my family reads this blog regularly. But my anonymity was somewhat gone at that point. When I say things to family, I can apologize, but I can't nescessarily take them back. When I post to a blog that none of them have read, I can. So I did. And some people who did read this blog would know who I was talking about. Really it was a family matter, that I'm very happy to say has been completely resolved, the family member who was the problem has cleaned up their (Oooh! The pronoun game.....) act and I'm happy to say that all who were effected are alright now.

    That day changed all of this a little bit. I haven't decided whether that's for better or worse. Look at my posts from last November and December about my interview process and eventual hiring by Echostar Communications. I was not a happy boy and I was pretty vocal about it. I was pissed off about how it was all going, I was pissed off after they offered me a job. was pissed off from Novermber 10th when I interviewed for the job until January 16th when I walked in the front door at 1000 hours Eastern time (I work in TV, that's how we tell time).

    Since taking this job, my readership has changed. Other than HBBA (new nickname, figure it out for yourself) the only people I know in Cheyenne are fellow employees. And some of them were contributors on the Top 10 Guitarists post. My supervisor is a weekly contributor. I think these things are great. I love that people I know are reading and I've included them in the fun.

    On the other hand, I now stop sometimes when writing and ponder what someone will think about something if I write it. I was so much simpler when no one was reading this crap, nobody who knew who I was anyway.

    To be clear, my bitch is not that people I know are reading this. That's fun, I love it. The bitch is that I now choose to censor myself.

    And I can't really bitch about that to anyone but myself.



    Onion Radio News

    Doyle Redland
    With Doyle Redland

    Wet-T-Shirt Contest Runner-Up Consoled

    Listen to the story here.

    Exclusive radio-esque reporting you only get from The Onion. I'm quite pleased to find out it does pay to be a nice guy.



    Tuesday, November 14, 2006


    Positive About Brainy Chicks....
    I Mean Intelligent Women

    I wrote a horrible song once. Well, let me back up here, I've probably written somewhere between 25 and 30 songs since 1992, and maybe, maybe five or six of them are any good. So to say I wrote a bad song, does a disservice to the other crappy songs I've written.

    But one particular bad song was called I Wanna Marry a Stupid Woman. The idea came from a number of places, one being Sue Foley's cover of the Rolling Stones' Stupid Girl. The basic idea was that I wanted to be involved with a stupid woman rather than the highly intelligent ones I've tended to find myself in relationships with. It was meant to be satirical, of course, tongue in cheek. I don't really want to marry a stupid woman.

    Then again, I look at my life and realize that I've made the same mistakes over and over again. I tend to get involved with intelligent women. In the end it never seems to work out. I've read that the definition of insanity is continuing to perform the same actions and expecting a different outcome.

    Still, the song was supposed to be a joke. It turned out dreadful for a number of reasons. I'm really not that good of a songwriter, I can sometimes come up with something clever, and while this song fit into that, I just couldn't make it work. The other thing that made it bad was that I resorted to using a rhyming dictionary. I've done that before, and I've actually made it work, but in this case I tended to write the line I wanted to write and then make something up based on what I could rhyme the previous line with. Yeah, that's a bad sign.

    The main reason the song didn't work was that I couldn't come up with a reason, even a satirical reason, why I would want to be involved with a stupid woman. I've been involved with attractive women, and that's really great. They're great to have around to look at. For me, my desire to be with someone always starts with a physical attraction.

    You eventually have to talk to them, though. For me, that's when the attraction really takes hold. I tell stories, I make odd references, that's how I am. If I tell a story and I reference Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and it gets a response, I'm impressed, and a little more attracted than I was before (true story, and it happend this past summer). If the woman can make the same kind of non-standard references (i.e. her references go beyon Brittny Spears song lyrics - not that there's anything wrong with that, but I need more) all the better.

    T1G once remarked, after I posted the lyrics to In My Hand that a woman would have to have a good sense of humor to be involved with me. This from my fake girlfriend. She's right of course. I've always found a good sense of humor to be indicative of a high degree of intelligence. For me, I guess, the sense of humor shows that I'm not dealing with a stupid woman. And when I look at myself, I realize that T1G was right, a woman had better be able to find the humor in the oddball things I say if a relationship with me is going to work.

    Pretty is great. Talented is wonderful. Busty is fantastic (I've never been able to make that one work). For me, though, it's intelligence, that's what I'm really looking for. Witty, maybe mentally agile is what I'm trying to say. Someone I can converse with, someone to engage in unbridled intercourse with, in a communicative sense, that is. Or the other meaning, that works too.....

    Don't get me wrong, while the three good (though they ended badly) relationships I've been in were with women who went on to get, were working toward, or already had a Master's degree, an advanced degree isn't the thing. It's merely evidence of intelligence. Been to college? Then you can undoubtedly name a number of people with advanced degrees who just didn't seem very bright. I need real demonstrated intelligence, not a piece of paper saying that you've passed a course of study.

    2C, who was working on her Master's was leery of dating me at first because she only wanted to date someone with at least a Bachelor's. While I respect that to a certain degree, I'd hate to eliminate a person just because they didn't own a piece of paper. If I hadn't finished school, I could have saved myself 3 months of trouble. Then again, I never would have written Two Condoms.

    Maybe I will keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe I'll keep getting involved with women who will end up being bad for me. It's all I know, and it's what works for me.


    Monday, November 13, 2006


    English Teacher On First Date In Ages Lets Dangling Modifier Slide

    From The Onion:

    FALLS CHURCH, VA—Recalling that it was her first date since September 2005, high-school English teacher Melanie Fitzgerald thought it prudent to overlook the grammatical errors of dinner date Aaron McPherson on Monday. "I really had to bite my tongue when he said, 'After getting stuck in traffic this evening, canceling dinner plans would have been completely understandable,'" said Fitzgerald, recounting her date's response to her five-minutes-late arrival. "I kept telling myself to give him the benefit of the doubt, even after he said, 'Being nervous sometimes, I can come off a bit awkward.' " Friends of Fitzgerald have advised her to continue disregarding McPherson's poor grammar and instead focus on his character, which sounds like that of a complete asshole.

    I'll try to write something good of my own tomorrow.....




    DHMO Update - Monetary Costs

    It's the dirty secret that FEMA and the Insurance companies want to cover up, but DHMO contamination was one of the major clean-up problems with Hurrican Katrina. Before anything else could be done in New Orleans in particular, the DHMO had to be removed. You see, people can't live in DHMO. Clean up crews can even begin their jobs until the DHMO is removed.

    And structures, particularly wooden structures don't do well in a DHMO rich environment. DHMO removal is costly and time consuming, even in a city like New Orleans that already had DHMO removal apparatus in place.

    Yet the Katrina and New Orleans situation isn't unique. Every year DHMO causes millions of dollars of damage to structures and personal property. The following chart shows the monetary cost of DHMO destruction in the U.S. all the way back to 1936. Please note that records from around 1980 are missing, undoubtedly destroyed by DHMO contamination. If you think DHMO is tough on structures, you should see what it does to paper.




    Sunday, November 12, 2006


    Broncos 17 - Raiders 13

    Broncos WR Javon Walker skips past the tackles of
    Raiders' Stuart Schweigert (30) and Nnamdi Asomugha (21)
    on his way to a 39-yard touchdown. (AP)
    How can the 7-2 Broncos look so bad on offense. The Raiders defense is better than most people appreciate, but a good defense should score on them simply because they spend so much time on the field.

    After the first quarter I expected to see Jay Cutler. I expected to see him start the second half. I'm not one of those calling for the demotion of Plummer, but when he plays like he did today, throwing the ball up for grabs as he did far too many times, he's dangerous and can single handedly lose games. It looked like that was going to happen today.

    Plummer did put together one fine drive in the fourth quarter, just in time to win this one. Even at that it took a fourth and goal touchdown pass to Kyle Johnson to put it in the end zone.

    The defense looked good of course. They were playing the Raiders. They didn't put a ridiculous amount of pressure on Andrew Walter (I kept wanting to sing Ben Folds Five's Uncle Walter every time his name was mentioned) but Walter did fumble twice and was sacked three times. The run, especially Lamont Jordan, was contained. Randy Moss only caught one pass for eight yards. The defense did OK.

    One fine punt return by David Kircus is probably what won this game for the Broncos. Down 7-0, Kircus returned a Shane Lechler punt 42 yards to set up a Plummer to Walker 39 yard touchdown. The Broncos hadn't moved the ball before that, didn't move it much after that until the fourth quarter. The short field allowed the Broncos to score and (gasp!) stay in the game against the hapless Raiders.

    The win kept the good guys in even with the San Diego Chargers who beat the Cincinnati Bengals 49-41 to set up a AFC West showdown next Sunday night. It'll be the Chargers at Denver for the divison league next week.

    These aren't the Raiders, gentlemen. A better effort will be nescessary to come away with a win. Then again, it is Marty Schottenheimer......



    Fake Gabling: Week 10
    "What Are We Doing?"

    Jason and I offered up a total of 9 picks for you this week. We, of course, only do this for entertainment puposes (real gambling is bad. You shouldn't gamble on sports, m'kay?). I sure hope the fine readers of The Globex Corporation Newsletter were entertained. I can't speak for Jason, but it was certainly tough for me.

  • Kansas City (Pick 'em) 10 at Miami 13 -$200

  • Cleveland 17 at Atlanta (-8) 13 (MGM/Mirage Line) -$50

  • Baltimore 27 at Tennessee 26 UNDER (38) -$50

  • Buffalo (+12.5) 16 at Indianapolis 17 +$50

  • New Orleans (+5.5) 31 at Pittsburgh 38 (MGM/Mirage Line) -$100

  • Week 10 Against the Spread: 1-3
    Week 10 Over/Unders: 0-1

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 16-16-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-5-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 9: -$350
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1150

    Read the first sentence following this one, then read nothing else.

    I picked the Bills over the Colts, yes sir, I'm some sort of fake gamblin genius!!!!

    Apparently there was a reason that the Steelers were favored and Chiefs/'Phins was a pick 'em.

    I knew that Ray Lewis was out for the Ravens' defense, but I figured they could shut down the Titans. The Titans. The team that picked up Kerry Collins before the start of the season and started him for a couple of games. You'd think the Ravens would shut down the Titans. I'm going to appeal this one. Those couldn't have been the Titans playing today. Something is fishy here...

    Atlanta, at home, can't beat the hapless Browns. Never mind covering the spread. They lost. This is my pick in the NFC South, and they can't beat the Browns. Do I know anything about football?

    Jason's picks were no better:

  • Kansas City (+1) 10 at Miami 13 -$100

  • Baltimore (-7) 27 at Tennessee 26 -$100

  • Denver (-9.5) 17 at Oakland 13 -$150

  • Dallas 27 at Arizona 10 OVER (43) -$50

  • Week 10 Against the Spread: 0-3
    Week 10 Over/Unders: 0-1

    Jason Season Against the Spread: 5-11-1
    Jason Season Over/Unders: 2-2
    Jason Balance for Week 9: -$400
    Jason Total Amount Remaining: $300

    I liked Jason's picks. Hell, he got the Chiefs as one point 'dogs. What a brilliant pick! That's money in the bank, right?

    No comment on the other games except for this: What is up with Denver? The Raiders pretty much out played them all day. They were lucky to get out of that asylum with a win. How does any of this work?

    Screw it, next week I'm picking Cricket or Rugby games if I can find spreads. I understand those games at least as well as I understand football.....


    Saturday, November 11, 2006


    Picks (All of 'em): Week 10

    Twenty-four hours ahead of schedule. I'm some sort of model of modern efficiency. What a great guy I am:

  • Kansas City (Pick 'em) at Miami - $200

  • Cleveland at Atlanta (-8) (MGM/Mirage Line) - $50

  • Baltimore at Tennessee UNDER (38) - $50

  • Buffalo (+12.5) at Indianapolis - $50

  • New Orleans (+5.5) at Pittsburgh (MGM/Mirage Line) - $100

  • BOJ's Week 10 Stake: $1500
    BOJ's Week 9 Wagered: $450

    Somebody tell me how Kansas City isn't favored against Miami. Yes, the 'Phins shocked the Bears last week, but I didn't see any real signs of them "putting it together." Kansas City has been playing really well, as difficult for me as that is to say.

    Atlanta starts making a push for the NFC South this week. Cleveland's defense is actually pretty good, but they're banged up in the secondary. Will Vick beat them with his arm or his legs? Either way, I'll give the 8 points gladly.

    Props to Baltimore's defense by picking the under. As good as it gets. I wonder if any team is giving up less points per game. The Bears and their great defense? Nah. Still, you'd think that some defense would be playing really great that nobody's really talking about. Maybe some team that finally gave up some TD's the past couple of weeks that somehow is still leading the league in least points allowed. I'll have to research that.....

    Two road 'dogs finish out the picks. Buffalo will not beat the Colts, but 12 and a half was just too many points not to take. Their defense will, who are we kidding, they don't stand a chance. Hopefully Indy's D won't be able to stop the Bills enough to cover.

    How is 2-6 Pittsburgh favored against anyone? Losing snowballs (not the Clerks reference), it happens to good teams. It also happens to teams like the Steelers. This is my other "no brainer" of the week.

    A reminder of Jason's week 10 picks:

  • Kansas City (+1) at Miami - $100

  • Baltimore (-7) at Tennessee - $100

  • Denver (-9.5) at Oakland - $150

  • Dallas at Arizona OVER (43) - $50

  • Jason's Week 10 Stake: $700
    Jason's Week 10 Wagered: $400

    Jason and I, both Broncos fans, talked once about picking the Broncos. We both agreed that it wasn't a good idea, at least when real money applies. Good thing this is fake money.

    Jason got the Chiefs as one point 'dogs. Where is he shopping? Buy early and save!

    I think our reasoning for Baltimore/Tennessee is similar, though Jason took the spread and I took the o/u.

    Jason's o/u is Dallas/Arizona. I looked at this one but I'm waiting for a total collapse in Arizona. The team will totally give up on Denny Green as he's a lame duck already. Maybe Dallas wins 45-0 and the over comes in. It could happen.



    An Injection First!

    Seems like Jason's trying to get me in trouble again..... These are so much fun to do!

    It's a banner evening at the BOJ-Dome. The injections have been going on for two weeks now and I'm through the first course of medication. I double the dose on Sunday.

    I've given myself 7 injections now. To avoid any problems with injecting myself in the same place too many times, I move the injection sites with each injection. The first two were in the thighs, the next two in the abdomen, the last two were in the arms. That's six. Now we move on to the fun. Injections 7 & 8 go in the ass.

    So I gave myself my first injection in the ass about 20 minutes ago. Pretty cool as it turns out, though akward enough to do. It's also kind of hard to see what you're doing.

    I get it in the ass again on Sunday, and that's the only time in my life I've ever said that. Rest assured, I will not refer to it like that ever again. I'll say something like "my next injection of Betaseron will be in my right lower posterior." That sound so much more medical and so much less homo-erotic.

    And that's pretty much what I'm going for here.


    Friday, November 10, 2006


    Jason's Picks Week 10

    I promise I'll get my picks up before 10am on Sunday. I'm still busy looking over the injury report. Oh, who am I kidding, I've just been to lazy to throw the darts that I normally do to make my picks.

    Jason's picks for Week 10:

  • Kansas City (+1) at Miami - $100

  • Baltimore (-7) at Tennessee - $100

  • Denver (-9.5) at Oakland - $150

  • Dallas at Arizona OVER (43) - $50

  • Jason's Week 10 Stake: $700
    Jason's Week 10 Wagered: $400



    Sue Foley Photo Friday

    Cover of The Austin Chroncile from God knows when.
    She looks really good though, sort of like a hotter, guitar
    playing Gina Davis....
    I post photos every Friday of my favorite contemporary blues buitarist, Sue Foley. She is an all time favorite guitarist (even if she didn't make my list) and I've loved a number of her recordings. Readers of the Globex Corporation Newsletter aren't idiots, though. You know the real reason I search out and post Sue's photos every week. She's a babe.

    Yeah, I've posted photos of other blues guitarists, off the top of my head I can name John Lee Hooker and Robert Cray. Hook is one of my favorite musicians of all time, but I opted to go with Sue Foley Photo Friday instead of a Hook photo day. And Robert Cray, in addition to being a great guitarist is, in my completely heterosexual view, a really good looking guy, well, he doesn't get a photo day either.

    Sue isn't just eye candy though. Check out her music. Really. It's great. The following from an article in the Austin Chronicle sums up a lot of what I feel about Sue and her music:

    If Sue Foley were playing alternative rock instead of blues, the music press would be going to church over her. She's a better guitarist than any of the grrrls in vogue right now, her songwriting is as well-developed and accessible as, say, Victoria Williams or Sheryl Crow, her knack for choosing material is impressive, and she has the requisite chip on her shoulder about how to play with the boys. She gets good marks critically but when Foley remarked, "I can play as good as any man and I ain't no rhythm player," MTV missed out on a great soundbite.

    She can play as good as any man, her covers of material by the great Earl Hooker, a very ballsy, very male guitarist proved that to me a long time ago. She can tear through electric material like that or ease into a mellow acoustic set like the one recorded for Change. A great guitarist who is very versitle to boot.



    Thursday, November 09, 2006


    Pointless Shit
    The Oakland Raiders Edition

    Oakland Raiders Depth Chart

     WR  Randy Moss  Ronald Curry  
     LT  Robert Gallery  Chad Slaughter  
     LG  Barry Sims  Corey Hulsey  
     C  Jake Grove  Adam Treu  
     RG  Kevin Boothe  Paul McQuistan  
     RT  Langston Walker  Brad Badger  
     TE  Courtney Anderson  Randal Williams  James Adkisson
     WR  Alvis Whitted  Jerry Porter  Johnnie Morant
     QB  Andrew Walter  Marques Tuiasosopo  Aaron Brooks
     FB  Zack Crockett  ReShard Lee  
     RB  LaMont Jordan  Justin Fargas  Adimchinobe Echemandu

     DE  Tyler Brayton  Lance Johnstone  
     NT  Warren Sapp  Anttaj Hawthorne  
     DT  Tommy Kelly  Terdell Sands  
     DE  Derrick Burgess  Kevin Huntley  
     OLB  Sam Williams  Ricky Brown  
     MLB  Kirk Morrison  Robert Thomas  
     OLB  Thomas Howard  Isaiah Ekejiuba  
     LCB  Nnamdi Asomugha  Tyrone Poole  Chris Carr
     RCB  Fabian Washington  Stanford Routt  Duane Starks
     SS  Michael Huff  Derrick Gibson  
     FS  Stuart Schweigert  Jarrod Cooper  

     Special Teams
     PK  Sebastian Janikowski    
     P  Shane Lechler    
     KO  Sebastian Janikowski    
     H  Shane Lechler  Marques Tuiasosopo  
     PR  Chris Carr  Alvis Whitted  
     KOR  Chris Carr  ReShard Lee  
     PC  Adam Treu  Jake Grove  
     KC  Adam Treu  Jake Grove  


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