Thursday, November 30, 2006


Fake Gambling Week 13
This Could Have Been Pointless Shit.....

My picks for Week 13:

  • Baltimore at Cincinnati UNDER (42.5) - $200

  • Minnesota at Chicago (-9.5) (Stations line) - $100

  • Kansas City at Cleveland (+5.5) - $50

  • San Diego at Buffalo (+6) - $50

  • New York Jets at Green Bay (+1.5) - $50

  • Dallas (-4) at New York Giants - $100

  • BOJ's Week 12 Stake: $1450
    BOJ's Week 12 Wagered: $550

    Wanted to get these in in time to take the under in the Thursday Nighter. The 'Gals showed signs of putting it together offensively against the Browns last week, but that was Cleveland, this is Baltimore. Oh, how it pains me to say anything nice about the Ravens......

    I get the feeling that the Vi-Queens are phoning it in at this point. The Bears are in rough patch offensively right now. Minnesota should help them solve that.

    Three home 'dogs are next. I don't expect any of these teams to win with the possible exception of Green Bay. Two of them should cover though. I hope. Lord, I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Whenever I think the Giants are about to implode, they come back strong. They're not playing well and are throwing blame around. I don't care, that can't be good. The 'Boys are playing well, quit the bickering, TO has shut up and thing seem to be pretty good in Dallas. Are the Cowboys 4 points better than the Giants right now? Five even.

    And then we have Jason:

    $12.50 on every game

  • Baltimore at Cincy (43 Over)

  • Minnesota at Chicago (36 Under)

  • Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh (41 Under)

  • Arizona at St Louis (45 1/2 Over)

  • Indy at Tennessee (48 Over)

  • Jacksonville at Miami (36 1/2 Over)

  • San Fran at New Orleans (46 Over)

  • Atlanta at Washington (38 Over)

  • KC at Cleveland (36 1/2 Over)

  • Detroit at New England (42 Under)

  • San Diego at Buffalo (43 Under)

  • NY Jets at Green Bay (41 1/2 Over)

  • Dallas at NY Giants (43 1/2 Over)

  • Houston at Oakland (37 Under)

  • Seattle at Denver (40 1/2 Over)

  • Carolina at Philly (I'll take the under)
    It's 37 1/2, Jason, under 37 1/2.....

  • Jason's Week 13 Stake: $200
    Jason's Week 13 Wagered: $200

    Right. Again, Jason has chosen to pick every single game. This time it's o/u on every game. In a weird way, I hope he ends up with exactly the same amount at the end of the week like he did after last week. Another 7-7-2 week? That would be cool!


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