Friday, March 31, 2006


See, She Even Looks Great When She's Not Trying to be Glamorous....

Photo from Big City Blues
the first Sue Foley album
I ever bought.
A quick one, folks, I've been busy on the news service, what with the breaking news about baseball's steroid investigation. I woke up with ideas in my head. Also I'm doing laundry and baking bread. And I really need a shower.

Gotta go!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Mega-Bitch Wednesday

Seems like every day this week has been Mega-Bitch Wednesday, so to keep from beating a dead horse, I'll simply acknowledge the day and leave it at that.

I'm out of town currently but am actually planning to be back in Cheyenne by the time I'm supposed to go into work.

Then again, maybe I won't.....


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Sexy is as Sexy Does
(I Don't Even Know What that Means, but It Looks Cool Here)

How Could Sue Foley Get Overlooked?!?
I was driving down to the park so I could get some fresh air and play a little guitar as loudly as I want. I was listening to ESPN radio, Dan Patrick this time, who I like much better than Colin Cowherd. They were discussing FHM Magazine's 100 sexiest women of 2006. Here's a discussion I can get behind. Now I haven't seen the list, but my guess is that Sue Foley isn't on the list. Sue probably isn't well known enough to be one of the sexiest which really seems unfair, but what are you gonna do?

Apparently the sexiest woman of 2006 is Scarlett Johansen. Hey, that's great. She is sexy, no doubt about it. Dan Patrick was disputing the decision. In a way, that's the beauty of a list like this, it generates pointless discussion: "No way, man, Pam Anderson is much hotter than Scarlett Johansen..." and the like. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, there wasn't a loser among any of the names they mentioned. I don't really find it necessary for me to go right out and buy FHM so I can argue with their 100 choices and where each should be ranked.

It's all about personal preference. The fact that Dan Patrick was discussing it on the radio pretty much proves that. Like he wouldn't get down on his knees and thank the good lord if Scarlett Johansen called into his show and offered to sleep with him (even though Dan is a married man). Let's face it, anyone who made that list is freaking sexy. Deciding if Scarlett Johansen should be #1 or #8 is pretty pointless, but we feel a need to do it.

Is Scarlett Johansen the sexiest woman of 2006? Not to me (Sue Foley, baby, Sue Foley, why won't people listen to me?) but she's damn sexy. And hey, as a guy, it's fun to discuss. I like this kind of discussion. Just don't think that you're ever going to definitively ever answer a question like that.

You can decide who the tallest woman is. You would simply line up all women in the world and measure them. One would eventually be chosen the tallest, it would be indisputable providing everything was handled properly. I would have to agree that all women over 6 feet 6 inches tall are tall. Of them it can be deterimined who is the tallest.

Anything subjective can't be indisputable. You can throw out all kinds of evidence, but in the end, any decision reached will be disputable. Even something like the best college basketball team of 2006 can't be decided by a 65 team tournament. A team is going to win that tournament, but that doesn't make the winner the best team, it simply means they won the tournament. I could argue that Duke or UConn is better than the 4 teams that remain in the NCAA tournament (come to think of it, this is the type of stuff Dan Patrick should have been discussing on his sports talk show....) but Duke and UConn lost a game in the tournament. The four remaing teams haven't. If you decide that George Mason is the best college basketball team of 2006 after they've won the tournament, well, that's evidence for your argument. That's all it is, though, evidence. Winning the tournament doesn't prove anything other than that they won the tournament. Are the the best? Who knows. Sure is fun to discuss though.


Sunday, March 26, 2006


A Milestone

I realized while I was in the shower that I've reached a very importan milestone in my life. I fucking hate Echostar Communications long before I despised any other employer I had the misfortune of working for. At this rate, I'll hate them much more than SD Public TV or DirecTV in a matter of weeks. If Echostar wants to speed up the timeline any, just name me in a fucking police report. That will get shit moving along quite swimmingly.

Yob T'voyu Maht (I apologize for not being able to use cyrillic chachters)


Saturday, March 25, 2006


An Apology

I'd like to extend a heartfelt 'sorry' for the previous post.

My swearing is usually a little more creative. It was late and I was pretty tired. It's hard work being this pissed off all of the time.

I know it's just and excuse and it doesn't fix anything,m but I'll try to do better in the future.



Mother Fucking Horse Shit Bastard Assholes

I was in a meeting on Thursday and discussing the purchase of a new traffic database system. It's something we desperately need as the current one is a cobbled together piece of shit (you know, with the corn and other still identifiable foodstuffs in it).

They talked to some vendors, but were unimpressed with the customer-service.

"If this is the way they treat us when they're trying making nice trying to sell us a piece of equipment, what kind of support are we going to get when they already have our money?"

Fuck, does that sound familiar?

I remember writing that I was really unhappy with the way Echostar treated me through the interview and hiring process. I remember wondering if they treated me like shit when they were trying to get me to work for them, how were they going to treat me after I was in their clutches?

Don't buy the traffic system, folks. They'll treat you like shit. I've been treated like shit and I don't much care for it.

I've been working there for over two months now. I'm supposed to get a shift differential for the shitty hours I have to work. It's not much, but it's something I guess. Well, it would be something if I'd ever received it. I'm sure it will be something if I ever receive it. I'm not holding my fucking breath.

The training has been absolute horse shit. Non-existent. The things I've picked up have been almost completely on my own. I get thrown into situations and get asked to sink or swim. I'm pretty good at this kind of shit, so most of the time I'm able to dog paddle back to shore and nobody gets hurt.

And some people are allowed to be assholes because, "well that's just the way they are...." My guess is that won't fly for me if I try to pull it.

For a guy who was flat broke, I very seriously considered not taking this position with Echostar. I'm beginning to think that I was a real sucker for taking it. I feel like a complete whore for taking it, because the only reason I'm doing this shitty job is for the money.

Maybe I just had a bad couple of days.


Friday, March 24, 2006



Is There No Honesty Among These
Twine Ball Freaks?
Apparently this photo is from Cawker City, Kansas. How the hell can the world's largest twine ball be in Darwin, Minnesota and Cawker City, Kansas? I hear there's yet another World's Largest Twine Ball in Branson, Missouri. Thank kind of figures, I guess.

If Nick and I hadn't been so out of it, I'm sure we would have demanded an explanation. Maybe we did. Maybe there's a warrent for our arrest in Kansas at this very moment. I figure Nick could really throw down if necessary. Who knows, maybe we spent a few hours in a Cawker City jail.



Local Singer Holding His Own

A story with the above headline can be found in the Rapid City Journal. The story is about Joe Bucholz an all around great guy who is a heck of a songwriter. He's also sort of a one man P957 cover band. That's cool, I'm glad some of those songs are still alive.

Oddly enough, a story about me with an identical headline appeared in the Journal a few weeks before I left the RC. Mine wasn't on the Entertainment page, it was in the Police Blotter.......

.....thanks a lot folks, I'll be hear all week ..... enjoy the buffet!!!



A Photo of a Guitar (Also of Some Woman Who is Holding It)

The Paisley Guitar and It's Owner
Huzzah! It's Sue Foley Photo Friday and I couldn't be happier.

That's not entirely true, I could always be a little bit happier. Still any Sue Foley Photo Friday is going to be a good day.


Thursday, March 23, 2006


The World Tour Continues


The photos keep rolling in. Here we are back at the World's Biggest Twine Ball. I guess we liked it there. That or we really like Twine Balls.....


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is Literally Mega-Bitch Wednesday

I was at a New Year's party my first year in college with a high school friend and some other people I went to high school that I didn't really like. I was pretty bored when a girl (and yes, I do remember her name, mostly because in German her last name was really funny to me) put on a new pair of boots and stated, quite emphatically, "I can literally jam in these boots."

It was the 1980's, and I suppose someone being proud of her ability to "jam" in her boots wasn't so out of line. Oddly enough, that wasn't the part that I remembered so clearly, it was that she could literally jam in her boots. Literally? I began to wonder why she felt the need to add that particular adjective. Could she "jam" any other way than literally? I began to wonder if she could figuratively "jam" in those boots. I began to wonder if she'd tried, then decided literally "jamming" was a better choice.

OK, so I sometimes get bored at parties and my mind grabs onto the smallest little thing in an attempt to entertain itself. I understand that people talking at parties are completely impromptu, that this girl with the funny German name wasn't working off of a script and, yes, there was alcohol involved. Hell, I certainly don't want people correcting my spelling and grammar on this blog, but I sure wish people would think before they opened their mouths.

But at least she used literally in proper context. I was listening to Colin Cowherd the other day on ESPN Radio (his name is funny in English) and he was talking about the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I'll have admit a personal bias before I go any further. I don't like Colin Cowherd. He replaced Tony Kornheiser of Pardon the Interuption as host of that day part. I don't always agree with Kornheiser, but I find him funny, insightful and as a writer for The Washington Post, literate. He's literally literate.

So Cowherd is talking about the NCAA tournament and coments that certain great college basketball teams of the past would literally destroy what we consider great teams today. His point was that those Duke teams with Christian Laettner, Grant Hill and Bobby Hurly would have no trouble defeating last year's champion or any other team we consider a great college basketball team today. His point was that great players only stay in college for a few years now before heading off to the NBA and the big bucks. He's right. Laettner, Hill and Hurley all played through their senior years at Duke, they had played together for a number of years. They were a team, not just a collection of great individual players.

But Colin Cowherd speaks for a living. The English language is his primary tool. He should know what literally means before he uses it in a sentence. To take Colin Cowherd literally, he stated that if those great Duke teams were to play a great team from today, the great team from today would cease to exist. Literally. They would be dead, or something would happen that caused them to be literally destroyed. Not figuratively destroyed. Not morally destoryed. Actually destroyed. Duke would somehow kill this year's Memphis or Villanova or Duke. Nasty business that.

I don't mean to be down on Colin Cowherd specifically. I hear other "talent" on ESPN radio, on any talk radio make similar mistakes. I'm sure Tony Kornheiser, with all of his talent with the English language has made the exact same mistake. I hear people on talk radio who never could have passed a middle school English course. I don't mean grammar (the grammar on talk radio isn't stellar, but that will happen with the spoken word, though) I mean vocabulary. Limited vocabulary, and misuse of the words they do use.

I realize that talk radio is personality driven, but it's just one more example of the disdain our society has for intelligence. Get rid of the smart guy, the guy who uses the language well, put some idiot on the air who makes dick and fart jokes. Dick and fart jokes have their place. I'm a big fan of dick and fart jokes. You could even say that I love dick and fart jokes.

Not literally, though....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Photos Keep Coming In

You've gotta look closely, but we're here....
Thanks to everyone who spotted Nick Nolte and myself on our most excellent bender. I only wish the anonymous emailer had given a location for this photo as I have absolutely no idea where this is from. It goes without saying that I have no memory of the event.



I Know It's Bad For Me!

I watched Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me last week. It's a documentary about Spurlock's own experiement to eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days. I found some problems with the premise, no one would eat all of their meals at McDonald's, Spurlock himself was in pretty good shape when he started, was married to a vegan chef and probably ate a lot healthier than the average person. Yeah, I'd think that 30 days of fast food would do some bad things to a person who didn't normally eat like that.

That said, I found the movie fascinating. I found out things about fast food that I didn't realize, found evidence of some things that I'd always suspected. In short, the movie was about how fast food is bad for us. I agree with that, fast food can't be good for the body. Truthfully I eat as little of it as possible, which isn't to say I never stop into a McDonald's or Hardee's on the way to work. Fast food is just that, food that I can get fast when I was too busy to cook. It's rare that I can't find the time to cook, but it happens.

So I stopped at the McDonald's on Dell Range yesterday. That may be tomorrow's Mega-Bitch Tuesday, the place isn't all that friendly to the sit-down customer, being almost completely set up for drive-thru. It was the first fast food meal I'd had since seeing Super Size Me, and as I enjoyed my Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese meal (no, I didn't Super Size), I reflected on the movie. I reflected on how, in spite of all of the evidence in the movie, in spite of nearly being hit by a couple of cars heading to the drive-thru, I enjoyed my Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese meal.

Let's face it, I like things that are bad for me. I like things that I know are bad for me and I continue to do those things despite that knowledge. I like booze. I like what it does to my brain temporarily even though I know what I'm going to feel like in the morning. I know that I'm essentially dumping poison into my blood stream, something that my body will desperately try to rid itself of. My body will rid itself of the alcohol and if I resist, it will pick the orifice.

I took a job with Echostar Communications in spite of the way they had treated me in the past, hell, the way they treated me through the hiring process. I work in an industry that, in 1999, I swore I would never take another job in. But here I am. In all actuality, the job is going well, Echostar has proven to be a pretty fair employer, my supervisors stay out of my way and let me do my job. It doesn't seem like someone is always over my shoulder, waiting for me to fuck up and nail me for it. Still, because of past experience, I'm just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I know it will some day, and yet I took the job anyway.

Every woman I've ever been involved with has shit on me (not literally, that's not really my thing), but I still find myself trying. They're bad for me, they make me spend money at a much greater rate than I normally would, make me buy more toilet paper than I ordinarilly would, make me watch movies that I would never watch if the choice were truely mine. In spite of that I'd sure like one right now.

So today's Positive Tuesday post is about how I positively love things that I know are bad for me: fatty food, booze, smoking big smelly cigars, women, porn, you name it. If it's bad for me, then give me two of them. I guess I'll live with the consequences.


Friday, March 17, 2006


Kent State Basketball Team Masacred by Ohio National Guard in Repeat of Classic 1970 Matchup

Now if we can just get Crosby
Stills & Nash to do a song about it.....
This may be the most tasteless thing The Onion has ever done, and I abosolutely love it! The photo isn't quite up to my standards, but they're merely professionals, I'm just a guy who does the whole photo manipulation thing for fun, not profit.

An excerpt:

"It was like they couldn't miss," said senior forward Kevin Warzynski. "They were taking shots from the lane, shooting from the perimeter, everywhere... We left it all on the floor, but they just killed us out there tonight."

Seriously, check out The Onion!




Yet Another Sue Foley Photo Friday

You know her, you love her,
you can't live without her.....
As promised, it's Sue Foley Photo Friday once again, my favorite day of the week. This week's entry is a press photo done for Sue's Change album. Of all periods of her career, I think she looks the best at this point. Uh.....Change is a great album, too..... Whew, dodged a major bullet there. I don't want anyone to think I don't appreciate her for her music.

Have I mentioned that I find her extremely attractive though? I have? Well, all right then.

I think she's a great musician. Your actual mileage may vary.....


Thursday, March 16, 2006


More of Nick & Me

I don't even remember this....
The great thing about the internet is that you can put out a request and someone will fill it. A few days ago I asked if anyone had any photos of Nick Nolte and myself from that bender we went on a few years ago. This was in my inbox this morning. Apparently it's a photo of us at the world's largest twine ball. I always liked that "Weird" Al song The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, so I guess I'll take responsibility for this one. I don't remember the visit, though......


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I Hate Time Travel

Oh how I wish today was Tuesday and I could, under the guise of Positive Tuesday write the post that sprung to my mind when a little something happened to me this morning. You see, if I wrote it today, I'd come off as a pervert, and while I may actually be pretty perverted, I try to keep that my little secret for the most part. So the only way that I could make this post is with the help of a time machine.

And even if I could somehow travel back in time and make that post I wouldn't. Why? Because I hate time machines as plot devices in fiction. In general, if you have a time machine in your story, you can do anything, what challenge is that for the writer. Forgot the toll that allows you to get to the scene of the murder in time to prevent it? No problem, go back in time an additional five minutes, buy a soda at the convenience store (which, if it's in Wyoming can't sell you beer - grrrrr!), take your change, have proper change, prevent murder. It's simple. Too simple if you ask me.

No, I like the author to have to work a little more than that. Having a magic device that allows you to do anything takes the fun out of it for me. It can be used for comic effect though. I didn't generally care for Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide series because of the ridiculous things he had happen because of time travel. I found it conceptually funny, I think he was making fun of the time travel plot device, but it was just annoying to read. Actually that was pretty much what I thought of the whole series, conceptually funny but annoying to read.

I've like time travel in a couple of fictional works and thought it was handeled well. In Harry Turtledove's Guns of the South, South African extremists realize that they need an ally in their time and create a time machine to travel to 1868 and give AK-47's to the Confederacy. Lee wins the Battle of the Wilderness and immediately marches on Washington D.C., war over in six months. The war is also over in about a quarter of the book as the time travel and war aspects aren't really what the book is about. Give it a read some time.

I like how Turtledove handled time travel. The South African extrimists' time machine was a "time tunnel" of a fixed length. Both ends kept moving, so when it was 1868 in the Confederacy it was 2018 in South Africa. When the extremists realized that the Confederacy wouldn't be the ally they hoped in 1870, they couldn't go back in time and not give AK-47's to the Confederacy, because they could only go between 2020 South Africa and 1870 CSA. So they had to deal with the Confederates. Granted they could go to 2020 and bring all of the ammunition back to 1870 that they wanted to. That made things tough on the Confederacy. Time travel making things tough on the author? What a concept!

The other time travel example in Sci-Fi I like is the animated series Futurama. In one of my favorite episodes that was on just the other night, the crew goes back to 1947 Roswell (time travel occurs because metal was put in the microwave while observing a supernova), and Bender becomes the "alien spaceship" that "crashed" there. I also hate Sci-Fi that assumes that the Roswell incident actually occured, but that's for another Wednesday.

At first, following standard science-fiction dogma, the crew attempts not to do anything to change history, but then Fry accidentally blows up his grandfather in a nuclear test then has sex with his grandmother, making him his own grandfather. After that, the crew pretty much says "screw it," rescues Bender and Dr. Zoidberg (the "alien" body at Roswell), steals a microwave radar dish (time travel is impossible without a microwave, duh....) and travels back to 3002. In an interesting side note, because Fry is his own grandfather, he lacks the alpha brain-wave, allowing him to defeat the brain spawn in a later episode.

... I am such a geek....

....Don't do anything to change the future, unless it turns out you were supposed to do it, then for God's sake do it!

I'll try to be more "bitchy" next Wednesday


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


TV Comes to the Rescue

I Knew I'd seen that image someplace before......
My memory of the event is still a little fuzzy, but apparently Nick and I ended up in Culver City for a taping of Jeopardy! If I remember correctly, we were able to end up back on the plus side in the second round as Tequilas came up as a category and were able to play in the final.

I'll put out some requests and see if there are any more photos of Nick and I from our most excellent bender.



All Hail the Holy Nolte

I don't know what it means,
but I'm just a little bit freaked out.....
So, Nick Nolte and I went on that little bender in Tijuana a couple of years ago. Memories of that night are sketchy at best, though I seem to recall meeting a bearded man in sandals who created beer out of the water I'd been advised not to drink. Still I did't think much of it.

Imagine my shock at finding one of the few moments of that night I actually remember, Nick and I stumbling out of a little cantina, immortalized in a tortilla. The religious ramifications are mind-boggling......



Coffee Better Than Beer?

The brewing process begins daily at the the World-Wide
Headquarters of The Globex Corporation.
Coffee is really great. Maybe that comes primarily from the fact that I'm not drinking beer right now. Given my choice of every tasty beverage in existance, spread out in front of me, I'll pick something from the brewer's craft every time. Take away all of the beers, though, and I'll pick coffee.

But coffee is really great. It's a lot more acceptable to drink at work than beer as well. It's acceptable to drink pretty much everywhere (unless you're Morman). People get together to drink it, shops have sprung up so people can hang out together and drink coffee. Most of us have a machine in our houses that will not only brew a fresh pot of coffee anytime we want it, but will do it automatically so we can have a fresh cup of coffee as we emerge from the shower in the morning.

It serves an important purpose to those of us who aren't morning people. Now I don't generally have to deal with mornings, but when I do, the first thing I reach for is a hot cup of coffee. If I'm driving somewhere, I can take coffee along with me in a special designed spill-proof mug. If I forgot to brew some coffee before I left and just can't wait to get on the road, there are many places that I can drive up to, give them money, and they'll give me coffee in a less spill-proof container. Try that with beer.

There have been many drives that wouldn't have occured without a whole lot of coffee. Lots of times I wouldn't get through a shift at work without a whole lot of coffee. My employer provides coffee. I've never had an employer that provided or encouraged me to drink beer, bar owners who were naiive enough to pay me to play music not withstanding.

And coffee loves me. It doesn't want me to stop drinking it. I've tried to stop or cut down on my coffee consumption a few times, and every time my body revolts, particularly my brain. If you've never tried to give up coffee, you are unable to imagine the headaches you'll get as your body insists on its caffeine fix. Stop drinking beer? Hell, that's easy, for me it's social, it's a habit, it's not an addiction. Coffee? Forget about it! I love beer, I NEED coffee.

That said, coffee has never gotten me into the type of trouble that beer has. And beer has gotten me into a bit a trouble. Not as much trouble as distilled spirits, but trouble none the less. It's gotten me into relationships that, stone cold sober, I never would have found myself. Stuff less meaningful (but no less pleasing - at least for the moment) than true relationships too. As near as I can tell, coffee doesn't make me irresistable to the opposite sex the way beer does - - - at least that's the way I remember it.

I've never spent all night drinking coffee and then wanted to call an old girlfriend and tell her how much I miss her. I've drunk coffee and wanted to drive a car fast, but that's only because my senses were so hightened that I could completely handle it. Coffee makes my mouth run the way beer does, but it keeps the logic centers in my brain a little more intact than beer.

So it begs the question: Coffee Better Than Beer?

No, but I really like coffee.


Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm Still Here

Sorry, I just haven't had that much to write about. Don't worry, tomorrow is the triumphant return of Positive Tuesday, followed closely by Mega-Bitch Wednesday.

Stay Tuned


Friday, March 10, 2006


Barry Bonds Does Steroids

In the name of all that is holy,
check out The Onion!!!
It's offical. A reliable source, The Onion, has verified the use of steroids by slugger Barry Bonds. An excerpt from the hard-hitting expose':

According to hundreds of thousands of reports coming out of every city in the U.S., Bonds' steroid use has been widely reported and well-documented for years, with sports columnists, bloggers, people attending baseball games, memorabilia collectors, major ballpark popcorn and peanut vendors, groundskeepers, roommates, significant others, fathers-in-law, next-door neighbors, fellow fitness club members, bartenders, mailmen, coworkers, teachers, doormen, parking-lot attendants, fellow elevator passengers, Home Depot clerks, servicemen and women serving in Iraq, former baseball players, Congressmen, second-tier stand-up comics, Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly, and random passersby all having stated at some point in the last five years that Bonds was obviously taking some sort of performance-enhancing drugs.

Well, that about settles it. Still I think Barry Bonds should be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

And he should get the senior citizen discount after his sixty-fifth birthday just like the rest of us.




The Debut of Sue Foley Photo Friday!

Ain't that a fine lookin' guitar?
As promised, it's Sue Foley Photo Friday. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be prowling the 'net all week long to find a good photo for this special feature. OK, prowling may be a little strong. I mean, this is the first picture of Sue I found on the web tonight.

This is a good photo, but she looks like she could use a little sun. Canadians, what're you gonna do. Maybe a two week vacation somewhere in balmy southern Wyoming. To quote her own fun facts, "I eat meat." This is cattle country, baby. Plenty of restaurants serving beef around here. Check us out sometime.

An excerpt from Sugar from Sue's forthcoming album New Used Car.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


New Schedule

I'm a creature of habit. I work well in a routine. I like routine because I can get work done without having to use my brain. It's my brain that usually gets in the way.

But back to routine. I'm getting into one now. That's good for me. With my days off currently being Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I'm going to change the schedule of special features that I tried at the end of last year. So here it is, the schedule for The Globex Corporation Newsletter.

Positive Tuesdays
Mega-Bitch Wednesdays
Sue Foley Photo Fridays

(No, I'm not kidding)

I'm going to try to stick with this unless Laundry Tuesdays at Residence #27 get in the way.......


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Fun Facts About Sue Foley

Have I ever mentioned that I really like Sue Foley?
I know I don't mention this enough to make myself completely clear, but I really like the music of blues guitar virtuoso, Sue Foley. I may have mentioned that I like other things about her too. Maybe I haven't, I can't remember. It must be time for my brain medicine (or even some Brain Candy - Former P957 in the house, yo!).

Anyway, since the new album is coming out, I've been checking Sue's website a little more fequently. The following is a list of fun facts about Ms. Foley that she has on a page. She's way too cool to let some flunky write crap about her, so I assure you that these are by her own hand.

Fun Facts:
I'm an Aries, hard headed and direct
The Rolling Stones are my favorite rock and roll band
My favorite seasons are spring and fall (summer is my least favorite)
I play winter sports
My main gig demographic is a 55 year old man (the Sue-heads)
I'm a lousy politician and diplomat
I drink coffee
I drink booze
I work out
I get up at 5am (when I'm home)
I eat meat
I'm restless
I'm domestic
I like being alone
I love to cook
I love to walk
My main spiritual influence is my dog
I have a boyfriend
BOJ Note: "Damn it!"
I hate small talk
I'm antisocial sometimes
I love kids
I love math
I read books on physics and science
I'm into self-educating
I don't have a manager
I'm not lonesome
I can take care of myself
I have a lot of friends
I love nature but it makes me restless
I'm a tomboy
I'm a good mother
My work takes precedence over everything except my son
I'm distracted
I have phobias
I'm rough
I love to swear
I multi-task
I gotta go

OK, except for a couple of things, the perfect woman.....




I watched Tarantino's Pulp Fiction last night while doing laundry. It's the first time I've seen it in anything approaching it's entirety in quite a while. Now, I'm on record as really, really liking this movie ever since it was part of what was quite possibly the best first date in the history of male/female interaction.

It's always good to take a break from a great movie like this because you take new things away as you experience new things in your life. For instance, I didn't realize that Phil LaMarr, who does a lot of voices in animated series I like played Marvin, the guy who got his face shot off, or that Steve Buscemi played the Buddy Holly Waiter at Jack Rabbit Slims.

I noticed something else last night, though. Something more than noticing an actor, something more about the theme of the movie. As I watched the loosly connected stories in Pulp Fiction it reminded me of other anthology based movies. Stephen King's Creepshow came to mind, of course, but it was similarities to Heavy Metal that really drew my attention.

Pulp Fiction was intentially "cartoony" (and it is a real word, just like Zymurgical because, apparently, that's the way the English language grows), so the comparisons are obvious. It was that funky glowing briefcase thing that got me to thinking. What was it? I've had discussions with people, heated discusions about what that thing was. What was it? It was simply the Loc-Nar, the glowing green orb that tied the segments of Heavy Metal together. People will argue with me and call me an idiot, but from a writer's point of view, the glowing briefcase thingy was just a plot device that tied the loosly connected stories of an anthology together.

That's not to say that it can't have any additional meaning, but it's simply there to keep Pulp Fiction from turning into 5 seperate movies. Maybe Tarantino would even argue with me, "...the briefcase is symbolic of hope in this crazy TV-laden society we live in, man......" but it's purpose in the movie is just a plot device.

The Lucky Underwear were the same thing for my January post.....


Tuesday, March 07, 2006


What's the OG, Yo?

The traditional lenten batch of beer is in the fermenter and the yeast will soon begin eating the sugars creating carbon dioxide and alcohol. Having beer, or proto-beer in the house when I'm not drinking beer is an intersting thing to do to myself, but it's become a tradition, so let's just keep doing it.

The original gravity (OG) of this batch of beer came in at 1.043 (distilled water at sea level coming in at 1.000) which was slightly lower than the last time I made this recipe, but well within the brewer's margin of error.

I'll keep you posted.




I went to a pro baseball game when I was really young at the old Big A in Anaheim. I don't remember much of the game. I do know that Vida Blue was pitching for the A's.

While in college I got into baseball a little bit. I went to a game down in Kansas City, saw the Royals play the Red Sox. Wade Boggs was playing third for the Sox, George Brett third for the Royals. It was during the Bo Jackson years, he made a nice defensive play late in the game then hit a homer to win it in the bottom of the eighth. Dewey Evans was still playing in right for the Sox. Bill Buckner (yes, that Bill Buckner) was playing first for the Royals after getting run out of Boston by Red Sox fans.

I went to a Yankees/Twins game in the Metrodome, took the ex-wife's grandma who had never seen a pro baseball game in her life but listened to the Twins on the radio almost every night in the summer. Jack Clark played embarassingly bad defense in right for the Yankees, a fan poured a cup of beer on Rickey Henderson as he made a catch against the left field wall.

I saw Ken Griffey Jr. hit a ball about 450 feet into right center field and saw Twins manager Tom Kelly get ejected from a game for his sixth and final time in his career. I saw A-Rod play for the Mariner in that game. I saw Torii Hunter in his first regular season start for the Twins earlier that season.

I've been blessed to see some great baseball players in the few major league games I've been able to attend. Some are now in the Hall of Fame, some will be soon enough. By far, the best baseball player I ever saw play in person was Twins center fielder, Kirby Puckett.

I went to a game a few years ago at the Metrodome. Puckett had been retired for a couple of years at that time, but after the game, a number of grade school kids went onto the field and jumped against the center field wall with a ball in their gloves to have their photos taken "stealing a homer" just like Kirby did on so many memorable occasions.

I read a story once about Kirby who, after being called up from the minors, put his name and number in the Minneapolis phone book. He received calls from random people who recognized his name. He said that most of the callers were very nice to him. This was years before he was a twin cities institution, just a light hitting late season call up.

The people of the twin cities deserved a man like Kirby Puckett, and Kirby Puckett definitely deserved the wonderful treatment he got from those folks. He had his faults, but as a ball player and an amabassador for Minnesota baseball, there was none finer.

You will be missed, Kirby.


Monday, March 06, 2006


Monday Update

I've found one really cool thing about living in Wyoming. You know how you're filling out a form on a computer and you have to fill in an address? You're going along fine typing in the street address and name of your city and then you come to the state. Instead of typing it in, the form requires you to use a drop down menu. So now instead of simply typing in the name of your state, you have to search through 51 choices. Oh, sure, they're alphabetical, but I could still type it faster. Well, friend, move to Wyoming, alphabetically last among US states! That's right, just click on the drop down and go all the way to the bottom of the list. I can actually do that quicker than typing 'Wyoming' and I'm a pretty quick typist.

Being alphabeticaly last is cool. In an atlas, we're listed last, unless you atlas has Canadian provinces or city maps at the end of it. Mine does, but Wyoming is still easier to find then South Dakota. Also, sometimes they put North and South Dakota on facing pages in some atlases. I suppose that's convenient, but it's hard to remember that if I want to find 'South Dakota' I have to look under 'N'.

Dead night at work last night. That was fine with me as Saturday was pretty intense. At one point on Saturday, I was in charge of 10 events and I only had 8 monitors to see them in. A bunch of them were hockey which means they all got over about the same time, except the one that went into overtime. It got pretty hairy at the end, but I got through it all OK.

Todd Epp over at SD Watch has sort of figured out who I am. The cool thing is that we used to work for the same crappy State run Broadcasting operation in South Dakota (I won't name them as that would be unfair to them and the general public). Of course he was in management and I actually worked for a living so he didn't know me.

So now Epp, Jerry Hinkle at The Holabird Advocate and That 1 Gal (who doesn't have a blog, they're free you know) have figured out who I am through my posts. Since most of the other people reading this already know me, it's no big deal.

I should start a contest for people to figure out the secret idetity of 5-55, but I don't have anything cool that could give away, so we'll just forget about that. My mom did figure out who I wrote Two Condoms about last week though, so I guess I'm going to design a magnet for her or something. I'm just glad she doesn't think I wrote Two Condoms about 5-55 anymore. They used to work together, what a horrible thing to think about an essentially nice person. I say nice stuff about 5-55 and she still won't sleep with me anymore......


Friday, March 03, 2006


It's Official


I'm now a resident of The Cowboy State. I'm not sure, but I think that gives Dick Cheney the right to shoot me at his discretion.



Sue Foley Has a New Album Out!

Globex Corporation is still not in the
business of promoting musicians,but
isn't Sue Foley hot?
I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I wasn't able to find the latest James Harman Band release in the RC, what chance do I have of finding the latest Sue Foley release?

In truth, I haven't looked yet, and I just found this information out today. Still, if I can't find it here I can always drive to Denver or Ft. Collins. Then, of course, I could always buy it from her website.....

Excuse while I get my credit card.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Past

Globex Corporation is not in the
business of promoting musicians,
however, if you have a chance to
buy this CD, please do so!
It's funny how quickly things become the past. I lived in Residence #26 for about 3 weeks. I've lived in Residence #27 twice that long. Residence #25 seems like a distant memory now.

I played at the open mic at Dunn Bros. last night with TSA. We played the same old stuff the same old way but it seemed really foreign to me somehow. Mike seemed like the host of an out of town open mic, not the guy I road tripped to Chicago with. More my perception than any way I was treated. I feel like I've changed a lot.

Joe Bucholz was at open mic with a copy of his EP What Makes You Tick? I'm listening to it now. He covers the P957 song Bitch which I saw him play a few weeks before I left the RC. I even joined him on it once. Not only does the original version feel distant, but so does Joe's new version.

I wrote 5-55 an email after a few Jaegermeisters Monday night after work. I didn't remember her address, but unfortuntely my computer did. T1G had once suggested that since I wrote In My Hand based on a conversation with 5-55 that I let her know that she was the inspiration. So I did.

I received a nice reply today. It felt like a reply from a woman that I used to know through work (I did), not from a woman for whom I relocated to be with (I did).

Don't get me wrong. None of these things are bad things. They're just different things. I don't think it's possible that things have changed in the RC so much in a mere six weeks. I think the changes are all on this end. And it's not so much that I've changed, it's just that I'm changing the way I look at things.

I used to be horrible at keeping up with people. I've had numerous jobs over the past twenty years, relocated numerous times. I don't keep in touch with Trish Hindt or John Rawls or Dave Munstead anymore. At one time those were all people who meant a lot to me. I moved on. I left a lot behind, and that is a bad thing.

I've made a concious effort to change that, to keep in touch with people. Technology has made it easier, threats from MoniP have helped keep me on the right path, and I've changed. That is a good thing.



I have been in my apartment for 20 minutes. I'll be leaving in less than 20 minutes. Before being in my apartment I was in my car for nearly 4 hours. Why do I do this to myself?

The whirlwind trip was great. I did everything, short of waltzing with the kaiser that I wanted to do on my days off. I saw the family, ate gumbo, had my last beer before lent, went to chili with my dad played some music with TSA, saw some music by Abby Somewhat, all the things I hoped I'd be able to do.

But most importantly, I got to meet the newest member of my family, Aaires Rodderick. All of the little one are miracles, but since this one shares some common ancestors with me, he's special to me. He looks just like his big brother and keeps the hours of his uncle. Sorry mom & dad.......


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