Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I Hate Snow
And I Don't Just Mean White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.....


I hate snow.

Too many years in SoCal, I guess. Oh, the old roomie and I went 4 wheeling in the Angeles National Forest when I lived out there, ran into some pretty intense snowfall that we could have gotten pretty seriously stuck in. While I didn't want to get stranded, I do think it would have been hilarious if a guy from South Dakota and a guy from Wisconsin would have gotten stuck in the snow just south and west of Lake Huges, California.

You see, then, snow was cute. We ran into snow and it was sort of a reason for celebration. That was another great thing about living in Southern California, you could find snow. You could drive an hour or two and go see snow. You know, sit in your car and look at it, then drive back home and spend the rest of the day on the beach.

I went kayaking on Alamitos Bay in December of 1999. I was paddling away and it struck me that it was actually December. Six months later I had been living in the Twin Cities, doing the same on one of the many lakes in that area in Decmember would have been insane. But there I was in a pair of swim trunks looking at jellyfish then paddling over to Starbucks.

The first snow after moving to the RC was novel. I realized that I'd completely forgotten how to drive on it, but the Subaru never forgot and kept me out of trouble.

The first big snow was something a little different. I was at the Cheers Sunday night open mic and someobody looked out the back door and said we should all think about trying to get home. Cheers was in a Ramada Inn, so getting snowed in there would have been more enjoyable than having to overnight at most bars I've been to. Still, I like to sleep at home.

I almost made it home. I got about a block from my place and couldn't get around the numerous other cars stuck in an intersection. I was able to park my car (parallel even!) and set out with the harp bag and the guitar, wind howling, snow pelting my face. I got to my place and was happy that I did.

That kind of snowfall in the RC is kind of cool in that it doesn't stick around too long. We got about eight inches that time, but it was probably all gone by Wednesday. Cheyenne is a little bit the same, warm winds come of the mountains to our west and seem to melt the snow (as air loses elevation, the pressure increases and it also heats some. Learn Meteorology with BOJ. Or Physics).

Now the Twin Cities, there was some snow to hate! Yeah, you'd get that first big snow in Ocotober or November and say goodbye to the ground until March or so. Depressing as hell. Just makes you want to sit around and drink all winter. Works though.

Pretty good snowfall last night. There's an inch or two on my car, which hasn't moved since about 3am. It's 8 degrees. Single digits. This snow isn't going anywhere today. I'll admit that it's pretty. But I still hate it.

HBBA just moved here from Arizona, so she's going through the same "hate the cold, hate the snow" thing that I went through in 2003. As bad as it is for me right now, I know it's worse for her. On the other hand, she does keep her heat turned up pretty high, so I take advantage of that as much as possible. Like I need an excuse to want to hang out with her.

This post is in real danger of turning somewhat positive. That in mind this post is over.

Hate snow.


Okay, yup...loath snow. Hate is a bit too mild. But being a midwest gal myself I can relate to the stories. Having just moved back to this tundra from Arizona...adjusting has been, um...somewhat of an adjustment.

And funny live in the basement apartment. HA HA HA to the heat factor.

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