Saturday, November 25, 2006


Fake Gambling Week 12

Alrighty, I finally got around to making my picks. This stuff is hard to do when family is in town and HBBA's (actually, there's only one HBBA) come back to town after being out of the area for a week. Less time for me. And I'm selfish. You don't want to hear about my personal problems.

My picks for Week 12:

  • Houston at New York Jets (-5.5) - $100

  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2.5) (Stations line) - $50

  • San Francsico (+5.5) at St. Louis - $50

  • Philadelphia (+9) at Indianapolis - $50

  • BOJ's Week 12 Stake: $1300
    BOJ's Week 12 Wagered: $250

    I need to note that I'm not taking the $100 I would have won on the Jay Cutler not playing on Thursday bet. I'm sure that bet wouldn't have paid 2 to 1 had it appeared on any reputable sports board. However, if Cutler had played on Thanksgiving I would have deducted $100 from my fake bankroll.

    I'm not nearly as aggresiive as Jason, but I put myself out there. I'm impressed with the Jets, more impressed than I thought I would be. I'm impressed with the Texans too, about as impressed as I thought I would be. Two first time head coaches in a relativly meaningless game. The Jets have actually won a big game. I'll give them the nod and give the points.

    Baltimore only favored by two and a half at home? Against the Steelers? Look, the Steelers won't quit on their season even though they're done, but Baltimore is just too good (and it pains me to say that) to not beat the Steelers by at least a field goal.

    Give me the'Niner who are playing really good right now over the Rams who aren't. You're giving me points? Five and a half? Thank you!

    And in the compulsory round, I pick against the Colts because it's worked the last two weeks. Stick with what works.

    Jason' picks:

  • Miami at Detroit (+2 1/2) - $12.50
    Joey Harrington couldn't play there as a Lion and will be a Turkey as a Dolphin

  • Tampa Bay (+11) at Dallas - $12.50
  • Denver (+1) at KC - $12.50
    The Cutler Era is NOW

  • Jacksonville at Buffalo (+3) - $12.50
    Jacksonville plays down to the competition

  • Houston at NY Jets (-5 1/2) - $12.50
  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2 1/2) - $12.50

  • Cincy (-3) at Cleveland - $12.50

  • Arizona at Minnesota (-6) - $12.50

  • San Fran (+5 1/2) at St. Louis - $12.50

  • New Orleans (+3) at Atlanta - $12.50

  • Carolina (-4 1/2) at Washington - $12.50

  • Chicago (+3) at New England - $12.50

  • Philly at Indy (-9 1/2) - $12.50

  • NY Giants (-3) at Tennessee - $12.50

  • Oakland at San Diego (-13) - $12.50

  • Green Bay at Seattle (-10) - $12.50

  • Jason's Week 2 Stake: $200
    Jason's Week 12 Wagered: $200

    I'll be a busy boy tomorrow keeping track of all of these games. Who am I kidding, I'll get the scores at my leisure and make another post after the Monday Nighter.

    Have fun fake gambling!


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