Monday, November 27, 2006


DHMO Update - Finding an Anti-DHMO Spokesman

"So don't use DHMO, m'kay...."
I'm good with words. I'm good with people. Given a different turn of events, I may have ended up in the PR business.

I had a PR class in college (taught by a guy who went to high school with my sister who was later arrested for stealing a woman's purse in a restaurant) and I learned that it's not always the message, but how the message is presented.

That's how it is with my weekly DHMO tirades. I'm right. You can't read the information that I present and not realized that I'm right. DHMO is Bad! You cannot defend it. I feel like my noble message is falling on deaf ears most of the time. I've been quite vocal in my opposition to DHMO since this summer. Has public perception of this deadly chemical compound changed? Highly unlikely.

Then I realized that while the message is pure and good, sometimes I can be a little heavy handed in my delivery of it. What I need is a spokesman. A cartoon spokesman, because that would really reach the kids.

I love South Park, they often deal with important social issues on the show. Even better, they deal with them in a very childish manner. Important issues dealt with in a childish manner. The whole family can enjoy that!

I was very moved by school councilor Mr. Mackey's anti-swearing song in the movie South Park: Bigger! Longer! Uncut! Because of that song, I rarely use the word "fuck" anymore, I just say "m'kay." It's changed my life.

So I propose that we use South Park's Mr. Mackey as the new anti-DHMO spokesman. We could produce a number of PSA's, print ads, all the normal PR bullshit. We can do this! With the help of Mr. Mackey, we can increase awareness of this deadly problem.

Only then can real and meaningful change happen.



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