Monday, November 27, 2006


BOJ's Week 12 Gambling Extravaganza

My week 12 results are in. Not a bad week:

  • Houston 10 at New York Jets (-5.5) 26 +$100

  • Pittsburgh 0 at Baltimore (-2.5) 27 (Stations line) +$50

  • San Francsico (+5.5) 17 at St. Louis 20 +$50

  • Philadelphia (+9) 21 at Indianapolis 45 -$50

  • Week 12 Against the Spread: 3-1
    Week 12 Over/Unders: 0-0

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 22-18-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 6-6-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$150
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1450

    So another winning week. The Jets seemed like a no brainer, but we all know where those have gotten me in the past. Actually so was the Ravens, but I'm so gun-shy on those types of picks that I'm playing really conservative. I really thought the 'Niners would win outright, but I'll take the win against the spread.

    I need a knew fall back strategy as the Colts beat the spread for the first time in three weeks. With a new QB in Philly, and little or no running game, I didn't think the Eagles had a chance. But I did it anyway. I'm an idiot.


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