Friday, November 24, 2006


Sue Foley Photo Friday

Fan photo from Germany. Maybe not the
highest quality photo, but she sure is cute......

Should I use this photo for our album
of duets?
After a long week of holiday planning and celebration (OK, my sister did everything, but I did do some of the dishes), it's nice to sit back and enjoy another Sue Foley Photo Friday.

Yep, a fine looking woman always cures the holiday blues. Now, she's no HBBA, but few are. Not nearly as conveniently located either. Still, Sue Foley is really nice to look at and even better to listen to. So is HBBA. I had better stop this before I get myself into the sort of trouble that I can't get out of.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment of Sue Foley Photo Friday. Sue Foley Photo Friday is a regular feature of the Globex Corporation Newsletter. While unscientific studies have shown (and I've done unscientific studies, even graphed the results....), that it's the least popular of my features, it's not going anywhere. I'll just asume that there's some sort of sample error in the data. I mean, how could people not enjoy Sue Foley Photo Friday as much as I do? I'm serious. This is the highlight of the Globex Corporation Newsletter week. It's the feature that the entire Globex Corporation empire is built upon.

I don't have to explain myself to you. It's Sue Foley Photo Friday. Just enjoy it.



Could we have a photo of Sue wearing merely a guitar and sunglasses instead of you? Maybe some perfume? Sorry, BOJ, maybe this is an indication that I need to further explore switching teams.

As my fake boyfriend, you really should have some sort of opinion about this. Maybe some wisdom to share.
Sue wearing the guitar and glasses? Look, if I found that picture it wouldn't be Sue Foley Photo Friday anymore, it'd be Sue Foley Photo Millenium. That picture would be here every day. I probably wouldn't bother to write anything else.

If you need to switch teams, I support that fully. You gotta do what feels right. Don't worry about me, I'll get by.
You're going to give up on us that easily?!?!?! Why, it's like we only have a fake relationship or something!, well, nevermind.
Look, I'm not giving up on this fake relationship. It's the most important fake relationship I've ever had, by I feel like I'm talking to myself when I tell you that.

I've seen the changes. I see the way that you look at other women when I pretend that we're out somewhere. At first I thought that it was hot, you know, like a superficial guy like myself would.

Your comment here told me differnt. Look, I can understand that you find Sue Foley to be a very desireable woman. Sometimes I think that it's the only thing that we have in common.

I know that I can't keep you in a sham of a fake relationship if you don't want to be here. It's not fair to you. I'm giving you all the pretned space that I can. If this faux relationship is meant to be then you'll come back to me. I respect you (in a very pretend way) and feel it's my duty to offer you at least that much.

Now, if you ended up as sort of a part time player for the other team, a rover as it were, perhaps we could invite a third person to our fake relationship.....
Oh, BOJ, you do care! It takes a confident, intelligent guy to give his (fake) girlfriend so much room to explore. I like the threesies idea. And I'm sorry for being shallow and ogling other women on our pretend dates. From now on, let's ogle together! It might be an activity that will bring us closer together.
I'm all for pretending to bring our fake relationship closer than it previously ficticiously was. Particularly through this new tactic. Ogling women together? Yeah, I can do that.
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