Tuesday, June 01, 2010


American Voices

From The Onion:

Talking Head Suing Florida Governor

Musician David Byrne is suing Florida governor and U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist for allegedly using the Talking Heads song "Road To Nowhere" in a campaign commercial without securing the proper clearances. What do you think?

Roy Wolff
Security Consultant
"That's a bad move. Everybody knows that if you want to win in Florida it's Emilio Estefan all the way."

Lydia Cheffins
Bar Tender
"But I always do what the Talking Heads tells me. When I heard them in that Dial soap commercial, I ditched Ivory after years of loyalty!

Allen Mattson
Ton-Container Filler
"Sorry, I'm not too up on my Florida politics. Does Charlie Crist want to build an actual road to nowhere?"

"Blind Orange" Julius
Blog Idiot
"I can't believe a Republican isn't using the Head's classic, Life During Wartime."



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