Thursday, January 24, 2008


Giants: 'We Almost Beat The Patriots Once, We Can Almost Beat Them Again'

From The Onion Sports:

NEW YORK—As they come closer to their Super Bowl clash with the formidable Patriots—the team they nearly defeated in late December—the Giants are confident that they can come close to beating the undefeated AFC champions on football's biggest stage.

"This team has already tasted victory against the Patriots," head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday. "By which I mean we were so close to victory that we could taste it. True, we did not actually experience that victory, but we came as close to beating them as anyone else has this season. That's the kind of team we believe we are, and I think the Super Bowl will prove that."

"This team really believes they can come close to winning the Super Bowl—very, very close," Giants quarterback Eli Manning said Tuesday after spending the morning watching film of his Dec. 29 home loss, film that laid bare the crucial interception he threw to Pats corner Ellis Hobbs. "We can come so close to beating them, so very, heartbreakingly close, that every player here will take it to their graves."



And what did I SAY????????????? HUM????????? I told you NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER!


That was the best super bowl I have seen in years!

MAYBE you should say this on your blog.....:NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the underdough.........oh I mean DOG because it just might COME BACK AND BITE YOUR SORRY ASS! WHO WON OH WAIT was it the ......HUM...GIANTS LIKE I SAID???????????
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