Monday, February 05, 2007


Spam of the Week

Found in my in box yesterday:

Guess What?

You have been invited to be a part of the Dr. Phil show.

Get up close and personal with Dr. Phil — you and a friend are invited to attend his show live.
This complimentary offer includes your airfare and hotel accommodations.

Start making your plans now with Dr. Phil!

Validate your spot HERE

http://[address deleted]

We look forward to seeing you soon on
Dr. Phil

A personal invite from Dr. Phil? How can I turn this down with the airfare and hotel accommodations included? Plus, I get to be on the Dr. Phil Show! Apparently not in the audience, I've "...been invited to be a part of the Dr. Phil show..." I'm not quite sure why I'm going to be on the show, but I'm going to take advantage of it.



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