Friday, February 02, 2007


Happy Ground Hog Day!

Ground Hog at its best...
New personal tradition, on February 2nd of each year, I will eat some sort of pork sausage in honor of Ground Hog Day.

Today it will be Italian sausage with grilled onions and mushrooms on a homemade whole wheat roll.

That brings to 4 my personal holidays:

Ground Hog Day - February 2nd
Muddy Waters' Birthday - April 4th
John Lee Hooker's Birthday - August 22nd
Repeal of Prohibition - December 5th

Only 60 shopping days until Muddy Waters' birthday....


Hey, I had Italian sausage, too. Only mine was in chunks with pasta and a spicy red sauce. At least I think it's Italian local grocery store has it in the fresh meat case...and it's labeled "Italian bratwurst". Which is just wrong!
If it was a Tereyaki Italian Bratwurt that would be the Axis Trifecta.
Let's go for the quattro and prepare Teriyaki Italian Bratwurst Paella!
As long as you avoid preparing it in the style of Sushi or d you should be OK.
That would be Carpaccio. I don't know where the d came from.
Ground meats should never be presented tartare. Not to mention the difficulty of slicing a raw, ground meat very thinly. Was the "d" a subliminal thing? All this talk of meat has made me hungry, I think I need to go kill something.
Now if only you could have someone 'smoke the hog' while you're eating a ground hog product, that would be a day in heaven.

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