Saturday, August 26, 2006


Stick it to the Man
Assuming "the Man" is Some Heartless Telemarketer

Greg Hall is an Asshole
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Greg Hall in Executive Escalations at AOL sent me an apology for my poor treatment in the whole "Jacob - The Head of AOL" thingy. Greg Hall was resistant at first, stating he couldn't write an apology for "legal reasons." Apparently some state or municipal statute change (I'd have noticed if it were a change in Federal law) and Greg Called me back the next day to say he would be sending a letter out in "a week or two." He aparently needed the time to organize his thoughts.

The lying sack of shit did nothing of the sort. What he sent me was a fucking form letter. If you read the letter, he refers to "Poor Customer Service." Greg Hall himself told me (in a very snotty manner) that I was not a customer when I referred to the situation as poor customer service. Greg is right about that, I have never been a customer of AOL. I never will be, not only because their service sucks, but because the entire corporation is filled with complete assholes.

Gregs form letter goes on to read "AOL continuously reiterates to all representatives the need to treat members with respect in all instances." Now I'm not a customer, I'm a member. I am, of course, neither.

If you'll notice the date on the letter, it states that the letter was written on July 24, 2006. The postmark on the envelope is July 31, 2006. Not only did the complete waste of space named Greg Hall take over a week to write this form letter, it sat somewhere for one week after it was completed.

I called Greg Hall at 1-405-782-8293 with my concerns. Greg Hall refuses to return my calls. I had expected to correct his grammar and send it back to him, but the grammar is actually pretty sound. That's easy to do when you send out a form letter that's obviously been worked over by AOL grammar flunkies (and I do believe that they exist).

When Greg Hall refused to call me back, I contacted his supervisor Missy Collins at 1-405-782-8392. Missy was actually supposed to handle this case, but claims to have gone on vacation and it was passed on to Greg Hall. Not only is Missy Collins incapable of returning a call, she doesn't know how to operate a telephone as she called my phone a couple of times, but couldn't understand the instruction "leave a message."

In any case, I passed my concerns about the piece of shit communique' that I received from her bitch-boy Greg Hall. Missy told me that she would talk to Greg Hall and get back to me. That sound suspiciously like someone who promised to call me back. Missy Collins also told me she would send me an apology as well. That was over three weeks ago. I recently was told that the apology letter was sent (not by Missy Collins, she won't answer calls from me) but I have not seen said letter yet. I'm sure it's exactly the same thing Greg Hall sent and you'll see it here when it arrives.

Any attempts by me to contact Missy Collins are directed to AOL Security. Geez, I wish DirecTV Security worked that well. I received a written threat from someone in the building and security refused to take any action. So I'll also be requesting a copy of the report that has been file on me with AOL Security. They probably won't supply me with it, but they'll know that I know.

This is all pointless, and I understand it. But I have wasted hours of time that AOL employees could be using to harrass you when you're trying to eat dinner.

No thanks nescessary, just do the same when you have a chance.


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