Monday, August 21, 2006


Child In Corner To Exact Revenge As Soon As He Gets Out

Repeat Offender Serving Seven-To-10-Minute Sentence

From The Onion:
Daniel Barriault, 5, quietly seethes

"I may have been innocent when they put me in here, but I’m sure as heck not innocent now," said Barriault, who has served time-outs for a wide range of offenses over the years, including public misconduct, second-degree assault of a sibling, and vandalism misdemeanors when only 17 months old. "They took eight minutes of my life away, eight minutes of playtime I’ll never get back, eight minutes of cartoons I’ll never get the chance to experience—and for that, they will pay."

Once again, I emplore you to stop reading the sad relationship-based crap I'm writing here and go read The Onion!



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