Thursday, January 06, 2011


Favorite TV Game Shows of All Time

  1. Jeopardy! - No, not just because I was on it, but because it's consistently the smartest and most competitive show on TV
  2. Cash Cab - Wildly uneven because the contestants have no idea they're going to be on a Game Show - but that's 90% of the fun
  3. High Rollers - The basic game design, trying to eliminate the numbers from 2 through 12 by rolling two dice was elegant, rewarding strategy, quick odds calculation and guts
  4. Win Ben Stein's Money - Ben defended his money well, making this a tough game on the contestants
  5. Card Sharks - A simple game of guessing if the next card would be higher or lower than the previous one, it was another game that encouraged and rewarded guts
  6. The Price is Right - "One dollar, Bob!" "Have your pets spayed or neutered"
  7. Password - You had to be quick witted giving and receiving clues in this game
  8. Remote Control - A great parody of the Game Show format, we all loved to "Sing Along With Colin"
  9. Beat the Geeks - A show I wouldn't have done well on - unless that Simpsons Geek was on, who I would have cleaned the floor with!
  10. Let's Make a Deal - Free Form Fun! The host could basically do anything to keep the show exciting, and, in the show's best moments, did just that!



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