Thursday, November 11, 2010


Things/People That Have Delayed Me

  • The 14th Dalai Lama - After a speech at the Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, California, the Dalai Lama made an unscheduled stop-off at a Buddhist Monastery in my neighborhood. This made me late for work.

  • President Bill Clinton - Late one night while living in Iowa, I was delayed by a passing motorcade containing President Bill Clinton. After the motorcade passed, I continued on to my destination, a strip bar. I did not run into the President later that night.

  • Ally McBeal TV Shoot - Long Beach, CA, trying to get to work. I'd never even watched a whole episode of Ally McBeal.

  • President Gerald Ford - I just wanted to see my dad at the hospital, but Ford's people picked the Air Force Base we were living at to refuel Air Force One. He spoke for a bit, all of Rapid City, SD showed up to listen. Now they were all leaving at the same time.

  • Some Large Piece of an Oil Refinery - The joys of living in a refinery town! Of all of my delays, this was the furthest, as, being new to town and not knowing my way around, I drove over 20 miles out of my way to get to work that day.

  • President George W. Bush - Trying to leave a job interview in Denver, CO, I saw that my freeway entrance was blocked by Police. Being up on the news, I knew the President was in town, not knowing my way around Denver, I probably took the stupidest route possible back to Cheyenne.

  • A Nuclear Warhead - Growing up near lots of nuclear missiles, this one actually happened more than once. Funny thing about security around warhead convoys, they take it pretty seriously...

  • Honda Commercial Shoot - I just wanted to go get some groceries, but trucks and cables and people in the street forced me to drive blocks out of my way. Since this crap happened a lot in Long Beach, the novelty wore off quickly.

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