Thursday, August 26, 2010


Seven Careers I Didn't Know Existed (And Probably Didn't Exist) in 1983

  1. Entertainment Reporter
    Mary Hart retiring from Entertainment Tonight made me think of this. An explosion of clone shows, cable networks and entertainment blogs has turned this into a growth industry.

  2. Fantasy Sports Expert
    We didn't even have fantasy sports in 1983, now people are making a living telling us who to draft in our leagues.

  3. Paparazzo
    OK, this probably existed in 1983, but more as a sideline. Today you can make a living taking pictures and video of (and mercilessly hounding) the rich and famous.

  4. Political Blogger
    There always have been and always will be loud mouths shouting about politics. The internet gives everyone a place to potentially reach millions of people with little overhead. Get a couple of sponsors and voila, you get yourself a career, and all without leaving the house.

  5. Public Videographer
    You know, like those Girls Gone Wild guys. They're making a living, right? Making a living getting girls to flash them. You know, at a different time in my life...

  6. Professional Poker Player
    I'm sure this career has existed for years, but it's only been mainstream for the past few years. Mainstream enough to list it as your occupation on your tax return.

  7. Reality TV Star
    Why do I know who Heidi Spencer are? Or Richard Hatch? Or Snooki? Make a mark on some stupid reality show and become part of the public consciousness. Down the road, someone will pay you money, too much money, for having no talent.



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