Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fake Gambling 2010-2011

It's that time of year again, the happiest time on the internet, when I make totally fake wagers on sporting (primarily NFL) events. Armed with 1,000 completely fictitious dollars, I will wager on real sporting events in the hopes of ending the NFL season with more spurious cash then I began with.

  • In a departure from past years, all lines will be taken from bodog.com

  • While most wagers will be of the "point spread" variety, I reserve the right to make straight wagers, props and exotics as I see fit and as available

  • Odds will be played and will be displayed in "american" fashion, i.e. (-110) denotes that a wager of $110 will return $100 while (+110) would denote a $100 wager that returns $110 - and I hate math!

  • While NFL wagers will comprise the bulk of the wagers, College, CFL and UFL as well as other sports may be wagered

  • A note on college wagers: colleges where women I have be involved earned their Masters degrees MUST be wagered against if at all - while this almost always will involve Colorado State and Wyoming, South Dakota State, Nebraska-Omaha and some small east coast college that probably doesn't even have sports must be wagered against if at all

  • Stay tuned all season long to watch my fake money evaporate!


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