Thursday, July 15, 2010


Things I'm Glad We Never Had to See

  • According to John Starring John Belushi

  • Terrell Owens winning as many Super Bowls as Ed McCaffrey

  • "Little" Walter Jacobs as bandleader on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • That leaked Jimmy Stewart sex tape

  • Ayrton Senna's inevitable switch to NASCAR

  • A Janis Joplin Christmas

  • Terrell Davis being just an average NFL running back

  • Mitch Hedberg as a celebrity guest on The $20,000 Pyramid

  • Anything else with Anna Nicole Smith

  • Anybody breaking Hank Aaron's homerun record without cheating

  • Jeffrey Dahmer on Dr. Phil

  • Who's on First, the Sit-Com based on the comedy of Abbott and Costello

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn's country crossover album

  • Gale Sayers as a third-string running back for the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs

  • WKRP in Cincinnati's dreadful sixth and seventh seasons

  • President Dan Quayle

  • Ghostbusters III

  • Michael Jordan in a Major League Baseball uniform

  • Jim Morrison in some other band after The Doors' breakup

  • Jim Rome on anything other than a crappy TV sports show that nobody watches

  • Me in a relationship with a third Social Worker from Iowa

  • BOJ


    Damn, you make me laugh!
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