Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ten Most Used Apps on my iPod

  1. Facebook Mobile App
    Because I'm addicted

  2. ESPN ScoreCenter
    It needs push notifications for sports news

  3. Sportsbook 20K
    We're not in "Fake Gambling" season, but I'm staying in wagering shape

  4. Wells Fargo Mobile App
    Keeping up with all my financial wheelings & dealings

  5. The Onion Mobile App
    I downloaded it the second it was available

  6. Kindle for iPhone
    Reading a book about WWII- don't tell me who wins

  7. WeatherBug Mobile App
    I never have to go outside again!

  8. Blackjack
    See #3

  9. AP Mobile
    Recovering news junkie

  10. Zap 2 It What's On
    Sure, I could use the guide to see what's on, but this is cooler because it's on my iPod

...I hear it plays music, too...



The Onion. It's good to be well informed.
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