Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ten iPhone/iPod/iPad Apps That We'll be Seeing Soon

  1. iStalk
    Keep tabs on the rich and famous

  2. iVoid!
    App that tracks Social Workers from Iowa and gives directions to avoid them

  3. Pong
    ...with a three minute "backstory" video

  4. Where's the Wind Blowing?
    For kite flyers - Listing for Wyoming simply states "Everywhere - Always"

  5. Kenyan Birth Certificate in the Corner of the Oval Office
    Give it to your birther friends and watch them go crazy

  6. iRate
    Supid fucking app that never fucking works

  7. iAnnoy
    You think it's cool, but your friends all hate it

  8. Massive Time Waster
    Really, isn't that just every app?

  9. Alph-i-Bet
    Handy Alphabet reference

  10. iChart
    Check your vision, it's fun at parties!



Can't stop grinning. Face is starting to hurt and laughter is about to explode.
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