Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Whacking Day

Episode [9F18] from season four of The Simpsons introduced us to Whacking Day, a holiday in Springfield in which the residents drive all the snakes to the center of town and beat them to death. The celebration was declared "disgusting and puerile" by a group of hillbillies and was actually created as an excuse to beat up the Irish, but
"'twas all in good fun..."

In The Simpsons universe, Whacking Day occurs on May 10th, so "Gentlemen, start your whacking!"

To the tune of O, Tannenbaum

O whacking day, o whacking day,
Our hallowed snake-skull cracking day.
We'll break their backs,
Gouge out their eyes,
Their evil hearts,
We'll pulverise.
O whacking day, o whacking day,
May God bestow His grace on thee


Springfield has to be the coolest town on the planet. It is real isn't it?
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