Wednesday, May 05, 2010

From 2007:

Celebrating the Day Tequila Was Invented or Something...

Since I missed my annual St. Patrick's Day rant this year, I'll do something similar for Cinco de Mayo (and big thanks to Slick for teaching me to pronounce this solomn day correctly.... mmmm... mayo....).

OK, here's the basic rant, I don't need an excuse to get drunk. I don't drink just because the liquor industry tells me to. If I were Mexican, I'd be pretty pissed at what American marketing has turned Cinco de Mayo into; a drunken tequila party instead of a celebration of the Mexican Army defeating French invaders in 1862, thus solidifying their independence.

But I'm not Mexican. If I were, maybe I'd enjoy a Tecate or one of the many varieties of Tequila that are marketed so heavily this time of year. Maybe the day would be a celebration, not just an excuse to drink and speak in poor, broken Spanish (it's the only Spanish I got...).

If I drink a tequila today (I won't, but if by some chance I do), it won't be because the liquor industry told me to. It won't even be because of a military victory in 1862 - which, as a resident of a New World country who threw off the shackles of our European opressors, I can appreciate - it will be because I want to drink a tequila.


The hell with tequila. Drink Everclear!
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