Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From ESPN.com:

Limbaugh in Bid to Buy Rams

ST. LOUIS -- The lowly Rams have someone who loves them.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday he is teaming up with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts in a bid to buy the Rams, owners of the NFL's longest current losing streak at 14 and just 5-31 since 2007.

Forbes magazine has estimated the Rams franchise has a value of $929 million.


So many jokes...

  • While the team may show some improvement initially, it will be short lived as the Rams will prove to be very predictable running all plays to the extreme right

  • $929 million? That could sure buy a lot of Oxycodone

  • Those who root for the Rams to fail will be labelled 'un-American'

  • Rush's strategy to turn the Rams into a winner? Fielding 14 to 16 players at a time in what he refers to as a 'surge'

  • Fourteen game losing streak? No wonder Rush wants to buy them. It will be no different than supporting the Republican Party

  • $929 million? That could sure buy a lot of Viagra

  • Won't have to worry about that Donovan McNabb wanting to play for team

  • BOJ

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    Finally, some sports jokes that I can understand!
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