Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fake Gambling - Week 6

    Oklahoma at Texas (-3.5): $50

    British Columbia at Winnepeg (-1) (Stations Line): $25

  • New York Giants (+3) at New Orleans: $50

  • Philadelphia (-14) at Oakland: $100

  • Three Team Parlay (Pays 6/1): $5
    Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-14)
    Detroit at Green Bay (-13.5)
    Philadelphia (-14) at Oakland

  • Week 6 Stake: $650
    Week 6 Wagered: $230

    So, last week I somewhat validated my ability to do this by actually finishing the week $25 ahead. It's time to put that notion to rest.

    For the record, I don't have to make an NCAA pick every week, but since I'm 3-0 on them, I figured it would be best not to tempt fate.

    I dig the CFL and couldn't believe the Blue Bombers were only giving one point at home. A lock, a mortal lock I tells ya!

    This week's parlay is only to highlight how bad Cleveland, Detroit and Oakland are. I'll gladly give two touchdowns when a quality team is playing them.


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