Monday, September 07, 2009


NFL Rankings - Preseason

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    They were the last team to win a meaningful game...

  2. San Diego Chargers
    They get to play 6 games against the pathetic AFC West

  3. New England Patriots
    Nice additions, no huge losses (except Seymore) and Brady is back

  4. New York Giants
    I had to put an NFC team on the list eventually

  5. Indianapolis Colts
    They'd be higher if Dungy was still coaching this team

  6. Philadelphia Eagles
    "Eagles were RETARTED to let Brian Dawkins go!"

  7. Tennessee Titans
    Not as good as last year, but still good

  8. Minnesota Vikings
    Favre, let's keep those blocks clean...

  9. Carolina Panthers
    Great defense and maybe the best RB and WR in the NFC

  10. Arizona Cardinals
    Super Bowl losers always stink it up the next year...

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