Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fake Gambling Results - Week 3

I got greedy. I knew the Lions would win outright today, but that wasn't enough for genius fake gamblin' boy. Oh no, I had to tie it to the over on the same game. Live and learn...

I liked my NCAA special, and Tech led most of the game, which would have given me pretend money. Wins, however, are based on the final score. Curses!

Peyton Manning comes through to keep the weekend from being disastrous...

    Texas Tech (+1) at Houston: PUSH

  • Jacksonville at Houston (-4): -$25

  • Chicago (-2) at Seattle: +$25

  • Pittsburgh (-4) at Cincinnati: -$50

  • Indianapolis (+2) at Arizona (Stations Line): +$25

  • Two Team Parlay (pays 13/5): -$15
    Washington at Detroit (+6.5) (Stations Line)
    Washington at Detroit OVER 38 (Stations Line)

  • Week 3 Against the Spread: 2-1-1
    Week 3 Over/Unders: 0-0
    Week 3 Parlays: 0-1

    Season Against the Spread: 5-8-1
    Season Over/Unders: 1-2
    Season Parlays: 0-1
    Balance for Week 1: -$40
    Total Amount Remaining: $685


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