Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Fake Gambling - Week 2

For the first time in my gambling life (fake or otherwise), I'm betting on the Raiders. I could have sworn it was 1978 the way they played on Monday. As a football fan, it was good to see. As a realist, I'm skeptical.

In the other notable pick, I like the Eagles over the Saints. It wasn't on most boards due to the uncertainty over the McNabb injury. I probably should have waited until McNabb was declared out, but I think the Eagles win this outright no matter who plays QB.

  • Oakland (+3) over Kansas City: $25

  • New England at New York Jets OVER (46): $50

  • Greeen Bay (-9) over Cincinnati: $50

  • Philadelphia (Pick 'em) over New Orleans (Stations Line): $25

  • Washington (-9.5) over St. Louis (MGM/Mirage Line): $25

  • New York Giants (+3) over Dallas: $50

  • Week 2 Stake: $850
    Week 2 Wagered: $225


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