Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Fake Gambling Week 1

A few years ago, I tried my hand at fake gambling. I've done some real and legal sports gambling in the past with moderate success. I've also done some real sports gambling of the other kind with even more success, but I was young and stupid. While fake gambling isn't real, it is legal. I'll stick with it for now.

The rules? Pretty simple, really. I start with $1000, I guess they could be called "BOJ Bucks." I can bet any amount on as many games as I want. All bets are made against the spread. Lines are taken from Vegas.com. The Caesars/Hilton line will be used, but, being a good shopper, I may use other lines. When this happens I will note it.

Not being good at math, I will not calculate "juice," i.e. $100 bet will return $100. In my fake gambling world the bookie has to be happy with beating me (or not...). To start, at least, I won't be placing combination bets (parlays, doyles, teasers), it will just be single game bets including over/unders. I reserve the right to go all whacky, if I hear about an interesting proposition bet, I can bet it providing I find it listed on a legitimate betting site.

Now that the boring rules are out of the way, let's make some fake picks!

  • Pittsburgh (-6) over Tennessee - $50

  • Atlanta (-4) over Miami - $50

  • Kansas City at Baltimore UNDER (36) - $100

  • Detroit (+13.5) over New Orleans (MGM/Mirage Line) - $50

  • Week 1 Stake: $1000
    Week 1 Wagered: $250


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