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Half of the NFL currently has a record of 7-5 or better, that's 16 teams. Six of those teams have a 7-5 record. Only ten teams make the playoffs, so six (or more) of those sixteen teams will end their seasons after sixteen games. The 7-5 teams are obviously the biggest risk of not making the playoffs. Let's look at each and their chances:

  • Arizona Cardinals (3-2) Over last five games
    Somebody from the NFC West has to make the playoffs. With a three game lead with four to play, the Cards are in barring an historic collapse.

  • Denver Broncos (3-2)
    They're in the same boat as the Cards but in the AFC West. Their difficulty is that the team chasing them, the Chargers, is quite capable of winning their next four, meaning that the Broncos can't afford many losses.

  • Miami Dolphins (4-1)
    They're on the outside looking in right now. A game back of the Jets for the division, a game back of the Colts and Ravens for a wild card. It's been a amazing season for them after finishing 1-15 last year

  • Minnesota Vikings (4-1)
    They're in a dogfight. Last night's win gives them a game on the Bears, two on the Packers. They only make the playoffs by winning their division in a strong NFC.

  • New England Patriots (2-3)
    See Dolphins above for where they stand. When Tom Brady went out in week 1, who even thought they'd be in playoff contention?

  • Washington Redskins (2-3)
    They can't win the division being four games back of the Giants who've beaten the 'Skins twice. There are three non-division leaders with better records. They were sort of a trendy pick for a while, but they now have very little chance of making the playoffs.

  • At least two of these teams make the playoffs. So somebody sitting at 8-4 or 9-3 right now won't. It's a crazy league.



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