Saturday, October 04, 2008


Ben Folds to Collaborate with 'High Fidelity' Author

The workaholic singer-songwriter details plans to team up with acclaimed British novelist Nick Hornby on a joint musical venture.

By Larry Fitzmaurice 09.19.08 10:07 AM

With a new album and a long-awaited reunion you'd think Ben Folds would consider taking a much-deserved breather. Instead, the piano man is already plotting his next project -- a musical collaboration with High Fidelity author Nick Hornby.

"Nick Hornby and I are talking about doing a record where he writes all the lyrics and I write the music," Folds told [via]. "His lyrics are great. These are really good words." The duo plan to hit the studio this December in Ireland, a move that was inspired by Folds recording a 'fake' version (which leaked to the web) of his forthcoming solo album, Way To Normal, in the country this past summer. "[We will] write and record it in about three days, just like we did in Dublin with the fake record," Folds explained. "It's fun -- I'm excited about it."

The highlight of William Shatner's 2005 release, Has Been (produced by Folds), was the track "That's Me Trying." Shatner, with backing vocals by Folds and Aimee Mann, spoke his way through a wonderful piece of prose by Nick Hornby. The story of a father long estranged from his daughter and trying to reconnect with her in a very ham-handed way amazes me every time I hear it.

If this new project even approaches that track in quality, it will be a real treat.

I can't wait...


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