Monday, September 08, 2008


NFL Rankings - Week 1

  1. (3) Dallas Cowboys (1-0)
    Beat a team they were supposed to but looked impressive doing it

  2. (2) New England Patriots (1-0)
    Brady out? Let's see what Cassel can do before dropping this team down

  3. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
    Can reach the top of the AFC

  4. (9) Carolina Panthers (1-0)
    Stunned the Chargers at home

  5. (1)Indianapolis Colts (0-1)
    All the pieces seem to be working, they'll bounce back in week 2

  6. (7) New York Giants (1-0)
    Beat a team that looked just plain dreadful

  7. (-)Green Bay Packers (1-0)
    The Aaron Rodgers era begins with a big win

  8. (-)Chicago Bears (1-0)
    They still play great D, have they answered their questions at QB

  9. (4)San Diego Chargers (0-1)
    A tough loss to a quality team

  10. (-)New Orleans Saints (1-0)
    A quality win against a tough opponent

Out of Top 10: (6)Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1), (8)Minnesota Vikings (0-1), (10)Cleveland Browns (0-1)

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No love for the Broncos...OK I'll reserve judgment until they play a couple of actual NFL franchises.
I'm sure the Broncos could take out the likes of USC or Ohio St. I' not so sure about the Raiders...
Good to hear from you BOJ, I do like Dallas and Pittsburgh.
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