Sunday, September 14, 2008



The media came up with some cutesy name for last night's Ohio St. at USC game. I don't even remember what it was anymore. The game was supposed to be some sort of "Game of the Century" thing, but predictably, it was a stinker.

Hype doesn't care about results. Hype simply is. That's the point.

So I've decided that every Broncos game needs it's own hype; a catchy name, a flashy logo. It won't matter if the game stinks or not. If hype has taught me anything it's that no game can stand on it's own merits. Apparently, no one will watch a game if it's not hyped mercilessly for a week.

So I'm doing my part. Hype the game. I know it's sort of a late start this week, and I'll try to do better in coming weeks. Frankly, my cutesy name isn't all that cute, but I only thought of it a few minutes ago. I'm under the gun here...

Let the hype begin for this weeks Game!


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