Thursday, January 03, 2008


Lucky Underwear?

I'm starting to wonder about my Lucky Underwear. I'm starting to wonder if they've lost their magic.

My lucky underwear had an unblemished record in my relations with women until 13 months ago. Now, depending on how you look at it, they've had two failures in a row.

The thing is, I really don't believe that this pair of boxers with the vertical blue strips have any magical powers, any good things that happened to me while wearing them would have to be purely coincidental, wouldn't it?

But they had a proven and perfect track record on dates until December 2006. In something of a 'relationship,' I wore them on a 'date' and went home alone. There were extenuating circumstances, of course, the 'relationship' wasn't really much of a relationship, the 'date' as it turns out wasn't really much of a date. I can't hold a weird set of circumstances against the underwear, can I?

The next date was in June of this past year. Now we have to define what a 'successful' date would be. Remember that my lucky underwear achieved that status while I was in my twenties. My definition of a successful date was certainly different than it is today. By my original definition, my June date was not successful. La Guera agreed to see me again, though, so I guess the date would have to be considered successful, even if I talked too much and way too loud.

The other thing my lucky underwear have been good for is job interviews. While that record remains unblemished, they were worn for an employment decision recently, one that didn't work out quite so well. In short, my lucky underwear failed me. Granted, it wasn't a job interview, but it was an event that affected my employment.

Did I expect too much of my lucky underwear, throwing them into a situation that they'd had no experience in? Was taking them beyond the job interview just too much for them? Is the concept of 'lucky underwear' fundamentally flawed and don't we all make our own 'luck'? And what about our definition of 'success'?

Another situation is coming up, one in which I would normally go to those white boxers with the vertical blue stripes. Given recent events, should I go that route? Have I rung all of the luck out of that particular pair of boxers or is there one more bit of magic in them?

I don't know what I'll do, part of me doesn't believe in magic or luck. Part of me grasps for anything that will make me more comfortable, that will add to my confidence in a difficult situation.


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