Sunday, January 27, 2008


10 Phrases I Never Thought I'd Say in My Life When I Graduated From High School, But Sadly Have Had To

  1. "I'm almost out of extra virgin olive oil."

  2. "I don't know, maybe a State Income Tax isn't such a bad idea."

  3. "What is nineteen eighty ... -five?"

  4. "Oh, my car caught on fire again..."

  5. "I Do."

  6. "How does this whole Unemployment Insurance thing work?"

  7. "I'll buy a bottle of water for the drive."

  8. "Sure, you could win the popular vote and not be elected President by the Electoral College, but how likely is that?"

  9. "Beef? We had that yesterday. Couldn't we do something vegitarian?"

  10. "Multiple Sclerosis? Isn't one Sclerosa enough?"



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