Thursday, February 01, 2007


You've Spoken

I asked and you told me. I wanted to know what the next list on The Globex Corporation Newsletter should be. I ran a poll and everything. Some of the responses:

  • Favorite Bass Player - 7%

  • Favorite Movie - 7%

  • Farotite Television Series - 7%

  • Favorite Whacky Sit-Com Neighbor - 0%

  • Favorite Sub-Atomic Particle - 7%

  • Favorite Galaxy Other Than Our Own - 0%

  • Good choices all, though, apparently, not well received. No, you were quite clear about what you wanted:

  • Favorite Type of Hat - 69%

  • So I guess that's that. The next list on The Globex Corporation Newsletter will be Favorite Type of Hat.

    You chose it, you do it. Send me an email with your list and I'll post it here. You can let the world know how you feel about hats!


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