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Roommates are always a mixed bag. In truth I've had pretty good luck, I've really only had one bad roommate, my sophomore year in college at 314 Mickelson Hall.

His name was Bob, a complete ass from Yankton. His home life seemed to be pretty screwed up so I probably should have cut him a little more slack.

The final straw with him was the time he got really upset with me because I wouldn't let him come into our room while my girlfriend was putting her clothes on. He couldn't understand why I wanted him to wait for a second. Look, I was naked too, but he'd seen that before and frankly I didn't care. She just needed a second. He yelled obscenities and stormed off.

A couple weeks later he moved out and I got a really cool roommate, a guy who was actually the brother of a former roommate of my girlfriend. We got along really well and had a lot of fun the rest of that year.

Other roommates have been OK. My first college roommate was a great guy, my next one was cool, the two roommates I've had since my college days have been great, my last one submitted lists for Top 10 Guitarists and Top 10 Hats. I've had good luck with roommates.

Remember the girlfriend who was getting dressed in my room? She always had trouble with her roommates. Now there was very little hatred of her roommates, the roommate her freshman and sophomore years remained a good friend, though my girlfriend bitched about her constantly when they were living together. She bitched about every roommate she ever had.

Maybe we were just different types of people. Yeah, stuff roommates did annoyed me, but you have to respect them, and one way to respect a preson is not to talk about them behind their backs. But maybe that's just the kind of person she was.

She had some trouble with other roommates during our college years, women she ended up hating, women I'm sure she would never talk to or be in a room with again. It was around this time that this girlfriend and I talked about getting married. We did a couple of years later.

During an argument with her one time (we had lots of arguments, it was 8 years of arguments), I asked her how she was going to be able to live with me when she hated ever roommate she'd ever had.

I worried about that a lot. I'm sure she bitched about me to other people behind my back. Years later, one of her former roommates was doing an internship under the woman I was dating at the time and the three of us would sometimes do things together socially. So I got to hear stories about myself from the perspective of a former girlfriend's former roommate. Apparently I was a complete ass. She actually told me that she knew we wouldn't work out because my girlfriend/wife was so mean to me. Funny how I wasn't able to see it at the time. Sex does funny things to your brain, I guess.

So I guess, when you get down to it, I've had two bad roommates in my life, one who left after a couple of weeks and one who kicked me out after four years. The idiot who left after a couple of weeks was pretty much forgotten until today. The other one was the subject of previous MBW's.

Geez, I need to learn to get over stuff...


I'm honored to have made the OK roommates list, you were OK in my book too.

I have to say I miss you playing the guitar, using the kitchen to brew tasty malt beverages, and that delicious square cassarole type thing you made with the cresent rolls... but most of all, you were really the only roommate that I could enjoy just hanging out with on a regular basis. BOJ, you rock!
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