Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Positive About Blatant Stupidity

This blog is not going to change the world. That was never my aim. I just wanted to write, tried to write something every day. Sometimes I get a little bit serious, at the beginning of all of this I probably tried to be more serious on this blog than I ever was in my everyday life.

That's not who I am. I've never been an overly serious person. That's caused its own challenges in my life, but it's who I am and something that's probably not going to change.

A couple of months ago, with the help of people from work and friends from around the country, this blog posted several lists of Top 10 guitarists. Nice list, not earth-shaking, nothing that really means anything, but people could tend to get a little impassioned about it. Next was Top 10 songwriters, not quite as well received, but the same type of thing.

So we discussed another list a few weeks ago at work. I was pointing out that it didn't have to be about music, it could be about anything, something stupid even, like hats.

Hats! People wanted to submit their lists of Top 10 hats. I had seven lists ready to go when I went to work yesterday. When I got home I had 3 more. That's ten lists about hats. Hats!

I'm still open for submissions. Drop me an email if you want to add your own list of 10 hats.

I love this shit. It's pointless, but people are all over it.

If you look at my running features on this blog, they're all pretty stupid. Each Friday I post a photo of my favorite blues guitarist. OK, she's also a babe, but still, it's pretty silly.

I've made up stuff about a dangerous substance that is a threat to our very existence.

I created The Globex Corporation Presents the BOJ News Service Bowl and wrote stuff about a truly pointless college bowl game for about a week.

I have a day devoted to posting pointless shit.

I bet fake money on NFL games during the season and playoffs, culminating in 12 stupid Super Bowl proposition bets (that people could actually bet real money on if they chose to).

I was actually saddened when the Super Bowl was over. A feature that had been running for 21 weeks, one that was extremely fun for me to write, was over. As I searched the 'net for the preliminary Nielsen rating for Super Bowl XLI, I realized that there was one less pointless thing for me to write about this week.

I needed something else.

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

I'm holding a Saturday Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament starting this weekend. It's a single elimination tournament that will conclude on March 3rd. I made a bracket, I'll keep stats, write reviews of action and previews of upcoming action. All will be posted here.

It's stupid. And I love it.

There's a time for serious. I do that. I'd rather be silly, just plain stupid. Stay tuned for some of that in the upcoming weeks.


Hey! I need your pointless shit to decompress from my stressful job and school schedule. When I want the BEST pointless shit, I come here . . .and *that's* a compliment, mister! Love it! Keep it going, pleeeeaase!
Dude... you could do Fake Gambling about March Madness to fill a few more weeks, then start with Major League Baseball to fill the summer and overlap with NFL in the fall through the World Series... there's always something to bet on, even better that it's fake money!

Oh... wait... here's one that could go year round! Bet over/under on opening weekend box office grosses on films!

On Tuesday, see what films are opening in the coming weekend... set a line for 1 or 2 of them, and set it up as a readers poll to bet over/under for each. Now you're the bookie, and you post your results based on how people chose and how many of them won/lost. You're the HOUSE man, you'll win in the end!

In my experience, I always bet on paper. Most people are too big of a pussy to lay down the scissor because of the fear of the rock. Plus it takes longer to make the scissors.
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