Monday, January 22, 2007



Got this photo from Quinn this morning. While I know there was no accumulation, it's still frightening to think about LA drivers in the snow.

From Quinn:

A friend sent me this picture she took the middle of last week. This is the 405 just south of I-10 near Westwood/Santa Monica. I thought you'd enjoy seeing real proof that we are having weather this year!

Honestly, two of the coldest experiences of my life occured while living in Southern California. One was riding on the outside of a ferry coming back from Catalina island, the other was in my apartment, my furnace had quit while I was on vacation and temps dropped down into the thirties.

It's not the cold so much, it's the inabilty to warm up when you get cold in that environment.


Of course these mild flurries were the main news headline in LA... I guess there wasn't a major police stand-off, a low speed chase, or a tripple homicide to cover that day.

Sadly I didn't get to see it in person, then again would I want to be on the 405 surrounded by clueless idiots when snow flurries fall from the sky?

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