Monday, January 01, 2007


Second Post of the New Year

It would be really easy for me to say that I don't understand women. My track record would seem to bear that out, the past couple of weeks definitely bear that out.

But that would be a cop out for me to think that way, especially in my current situation. I do understand women, I understand a particular woman. I see where she's coming from, I know what the "problem" is.

All of that said, I should act a lot more understanding. I spent the last couple of weeks telling people that I am an ass. Well, I am an ass. I certainly was an ass for most of the month of December. To one person in particular. And for those of you who think you know what I'm talking about, well, you probably don't.

I could turn the tables and say that women don't understand me. That would just be silly for me to attempt because I'm a pretty shallow person, not a lot going on under the surface. I'm sure women who are morons don't understand me, but I don't want anything to do with them anyway.

So I think the problem is that I don't understand myself. I just don't know my limitations. I don't think things through before I do them. I don't see the consequences of my actions, of my wants and desires until it's too late.

My life could have been so much easier if I'd have just thought things through. If I'd have just realized that I would handle things so poorly. I hurt other people, which saddens me, but I hurt myself which infuriates me.

But life is about the experiences. In the end, all I'll have is the memories of anything. I've always been pretty good at taking both the good and the bad, present situation excepted. Gotta remember that this time too. And someday I'll look back at November and December of 2006 and smile. I need just a little more time before I can do that, though.

By the way, I will not be numbering every post of this year....


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