Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Positive About Tina Fey

She doesn't think she's sexy, but come on, look at her!
If it weren't for Sue Foley and my fake relationship with That One Gal, I think I would decide to be madly in love with Tina Fey.

I know you don't really decide stuff like that, that it just sort of happens. It would also be easier if we lived anywhere near each other, she wasn't married and she had any idea of the existence of one "Blind Orange" Julius. Thems, the breaks, though.

I first noticed Tina Fey as the anchor on Weekend Update on SNL. Yes, as with all women I find attractive, the first things I noticed were purely physicial. She's sort of "dorky cute" with the glasses and not over the top good looks. Then I noticed she was funny, funny as hell, with a very odd sense of humor. As an aside, while we're contemplating another Top 10 List on The Globex Corporation Newsletter, here's my Top 5 List of my favorite SNL Weekend Update Anchors:

5. Kevin Nealon
4. Norm MacDonald
3. Chevy Chase
2. Tina Fey
1. Dennis Miller

Second to Dennis Miller? Come on, Dennis was and is a complete genius!

But Tina Fey isn't too far off. I started seeing her on talk shows and found out that she was not only host of Update, not only a writer, but she was the first femal head writer in the history of SNL. A good one at that. During her tenure the show was well paced with short sketches that didn't drag on too long after the initial joke got tired.

She would occasionally show up in sketches as well. One about a stage show for the children of Vegas gamblers featured her as a stripper. Not a great sketch, but Tina Fey was a stripper in a sketch! Oh the memories!

Ashleigh Banfield
My favorite Tina Fey sketch appearance was about going away party for Tom Brokaw. Different cast members were playing the parts of news anchors. Tina walked into the party and someone, a little confused said, "Hey Tina Fey."

It fit, I suppose, Tina Fey was a news anchor of sorts.

Fey replied, "I'm supposed to be Ashleigh Banfield! Oh, this is why I don't do sketches," and ran out of the room. Brilliant.

As a sketch writer, there's one sketch that always stands out to me, one I looked for before attempting to write this but couldn't find, a sketch about a Civil War officer returning home after the war. One Colonel Lingus. Wonderful use of the language, if sophmoric at times. Struck me as funny, anyway.

As a writer she's fantastic, the movie Mean Girls, Lindsey Lohan aside, was witty and I really enjoyed the subject matter. Her new show on NBC, 30 Rock, about the head writer at a sketch comedy show, is quite funny, something that I hope continues for a number of years.

Yeah, there's all kinds of wonderful things about Tina Fey as a writer and performer, but who am I kidding, she gets a Positive Tuesday post because I find her really attractive.

There are currently no plans for a Tina Fey Photo Saturday....


Jane You Ignorant Slut Curtin was pretty darned good, too.
The Jane Curtin/Dan Aykroyd pairing on Update was a good one, and important because it was the first time they tried to go somewhat serious, at least in style.

But you're missing the point here, TINA FEY IS HOT!!!!

Also she's very talented.

Go about your business.
I have an outfit similar to the one Tina is wearing. If you were to put darker, curly hair on her I'd swear it was me. But instead of the heels, I'd wear my 3" heel black boots and maybe go with a fishnet stocking. Are there any photos of Tina with Sue Foley?
You know I could make one if I chose to...

Hey, T1G, send me a photo of you in that outfit and I promise I'll post it.

Or I promise I won't, whatever gets me the photo....
I'm more than a little nervous about sharing photos of this variety. I made the enormous mistake a couple of years ago of letting the man I loved at the time take some rather graphic photos of me. I requested that he destroy said photos, as would any man with a shred of decency, when he dumped me. I doubt that he did, and am plagued with the idea that he sits at his computer doing a solo WwtK thing while he looks at my pictures!

Rest assured, BOJ, that I look really hot in the black outfit with the boots, but your imagination is going to have to suffice for the time being.
Geez, I was kind of kidding.

Now I'm even more intrigued.
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