Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Positive About Three Day Weekends

The rest of the world 'celebrated' Martin Luther King day yesterday. I say 'celebrated' not because it isn't a day worth celebrating (it most certainly is), but for most people it's just a Monday that they don't have to go to work. It's a three day weekend.

I work in TV, days off of this type are few and far between. It's a 24-7 operation and somebody always has to be there. Other than a lot of NBA action during the day (and day shift bitched about handling a quarter of what we handle on any given night), it was just another day at work. I didn't get any mail and I could drive 35 mph through the school zone on my way to work. For me, just another day at work while the rest of the world is at home.

But let me tell you, suckers, you may have enjoyed the rare three day weekend the past three days, but I get a three day weekend EVERY DAMN WEEK!!!!! That's right, every weekend for BOJ is a three day weekend. I pay for it by working 4 10 hour days, but Tuesday through Thursday I'm nobody's bitch. That's BOJ Time, baby, and it's freakin' fan-fucking-tastic!

In all seriousness, it is great. As Slick (who shares the same shift with me, as well as neighbor Tim) over at Broken Machines says, it's great , the first day you're worn out from the evening after working 4 tens, the last day you're stresssing about having to go back to work tomorrow, but that day in between, that day is all yours.

It's all mine. And not just occasionally (when's your next 3 day weekend, 9 to 5 boy?). It's every damn week. Ever week. How cool is that?

I rule!


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