Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Positive About My Brain

I like my brain. In spite of the fact that most of my troubles (physical and mental, real and imagined) are coming from inside my head, I like my brain and how it works.

It's who I am. Everything about me that actually means a damn comes from inside my brain. If you ask anyone who's met me to tell you about me, they will start with something that comes from inside my brain, be it my sense of humor, my songwriting or blogging. All of that comes from my brain.

Do I come of as acting superior sometimes? Yeah, probably, but if you put me into an arena where I'm using my brain, I'm in my element. You don't ask a sprinter to not run quite so fast, a weightlifter to fail on less weight than he's capable of. I'm not going to not use my brain to it's full capacity. And like the guy with the great abs who takes his shirt off at a moments notice, I'll show off the old brain when it's appropriate.

There are times to and times not to. I was accused of showing off my brain recently. I thought that it was the appropriate forum to do so. I stand by that today. There probably couldn't have been a better forum to use my brain. Some people will complain about anything.


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