Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Lord Help Me!
There's a Button Pushing Monkey Beneath My Feet!

The Head Monkey
Just a heads up, there's a new blog in the neighborhood. It's called Button Pushing Monkey and it's being operated right under me!

To quote the Head Monkey, it's a blog about, "Things that rub my buddha, Or piss me off depending on the day."

I can get behind that.

Check it out.


Does also grind an organ and wear a funny red hat? That'd be annoying to have living beneath you.

I've noticed very little hurty-gurty music from downstairs. The Head Monkey seems to like Steely Dan.
I really hate this. Is blogging trendy now? Because I wrote my first one today. If anyone cares it can be found at
You're hitting it at the peak.

You know, some of us were doing this before it was cool....
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