Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Looking for an Excuse to Post Photos

In the cockpit
Julian "flying" an airplane

put car together
Now he's building a car....

...and driving it....
Kids today, they have so much more opportunity than I did growing up. I mean, I still haven't gotten to "fly" a plane, just fly in one. And build my own car? Forget it!

No, this new genertion, they're the shiz-nite! They can do it all, or will have to. Self-relience. Want to go somewhere? Fly the plan yourself. Or build yourself a car. That's all you gotta do!

OK, I really just wanted an excuse to post these photos of my main man, Julian. He's pretty cool, isn't he. I do like that the smile he has on his face while helping great-grandpa build the car is as big as the one when he's driving the car. Maybe the handiness gene skips a couple of generations and he'll turn out better in that regard than his great uncle.

Or maybe it doesn't. All I know is that the guy is going to turn out fine.


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