Sunday, January 14, 2007


Just Trying to Help...

I'm a company guy. So when our company started a new "Dive to 65" initiative for the new year, meaning they want less than 65 personel errors in 2007, I wanted to help out. I'm not the most motivational guy, but I can do a little bit with graphics, and I am clever. So I made this motivational logo that I hope the company will use:


But then I started thinking, are we really married to "Dive to 65?" Don't get me wrong, it's a fine motivational slogan, but being as last year was "Strive for 85," I started thinking that corporate isn't very inventive. I can come up with more creative slogans with the same general goal. So I came up with these:



Perhaps a little more de-motivational would be:


The one I really hope we go with is:


...doing my part,
are you doing yours?

I don't work for your organization, but I still want to do my part. Is it ok if I'm fine with 69 anyway, just to kind of support the program?
Considering the ladies at work, I actually prefer women from outside the company being fine with 69.

That's right, baby, you do your fake part, I'll dp my fake part, and everything will be fine.....
The 'dp' thing was actually a typo....

...unless you're into that kind of thing...
Typo, eh? Is Dr Freud in the building?
Way to dodge the issue.....
Actually instead of do your fake part, I'll do my fake part...

It should have been: do MY fake part, I'll do YOUR fake part...

Sorry for any misunderstanding this may have caused.
While not totally necessary, the clarification was informative and more correct than previously stated. Now excuse me while I go take a fake cold shower.

And since you were wondering, yes, I'm into all kinds of things. Not necessarily that kind of thing, but many kinds of things.

As your fake girlfriend, am I required to "fake it", as it were? Because in the usual course of things I don't fake it, it's all real. Guess I'm not sure where we need to draw the line here. We may actually be creating appropriate fake relationship protocol as we go, and I think we should get it right as well as document the parameters properly.
Like all women, trying to get me to fit into their rules....
BOJ, this is your opportunity to be in at the beginning and FORGE the rules, not just follow them!! The fake relationship rules! And it does, btw.
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