Monday, January 01, 2007


First Post of the New Year

And it's a crappy one about fake gambling results. Hey, they can't all be gold. Just think about the pressure I've been under for the past two years (The Globex Corporation Newsletter debuted on December 31st, 2004) to write something interesting every day.

No they can't all be gold, especially when your friendly blogger has a hangover and may be coming down with the crap that the little guys had back in the RC. Luckily, this post sort of writes itself:

  • Green Bay (+4) 26 at Chicago 7 +$100

  • Cleveland 6 at Houston (-5) 14 (Stations Line) +$200

  • Cleveland 6at Houston 14 OVER (37.5) (Stations Line) -$100

  • Carolina 31 at New Orleans (+2) 21 -$200

  • Week 17 Against the Spread: 2-1
    Week 17 Over/Unders: 0-1

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 31-25-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 9-9-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 16: $0
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1600

    Yet again I come out even. But for the year I'm $600 ahead, a pretty good feat considering that I'm only six games above .500. I made some intelligent big money wagers early on but then got conservative.

    We'll see what the playoffs brings.


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