Monday, January 29, 2007


Fake Gambling - Super Bowl Style

I've never bet a Super Bowl. My thought was always that I never bet 100% of the games on any given week, why should I do that on Super Bowl Sunday? In truth, I don't like the 7 point spread in this game, but I had to bed something, so I picked one.

The cool thing about the Super Bowl is that you can bet on anything. They're called Proposition bets, or Prop bets and they are wagers on things that happen before during or after the game, things involving players and non players alike. With that in mind, the last $900 of the fake money is on the line this Sunday:

First, the normal stuff....

  • Indianapolis (-7) vs. Chicago - $100

  • Indianapolis vs. Chicago OVER (48.5) - $100

  • Some stuff a little out of the ordinary....

  • Coin Toss TAILS - $50

  • Team to win Coin Toss CHICAGO - $50

  • I love this one!

  • Uniform Number of First Player to Score Touchdown OVER (61.5) - $100

  • Game time! Bet on players and specific events

  • Total Sacks (Both Teams) OVER (3.5) - $100

  • Peyton Manning Passing Yards OVER (273.5) - $50

  • Peyton Manning Rushing Attempts UNDER (1.5) - $50

  • Marvin Harrison Receiving Yards OVER (78) - $50

  • Adam Vinatieri Total Points UNDER (8.5) - $50

  • Rex Grossman Passing Attempts OVER (33) - $50

  • Number of Times Rex Grossman is Sacked OVER (2) - $50

  • And the completely non game related stuff...

  • Time for Billy Joel to sing National Anthem OVER (1:44) - $100

  • Preliminary Nielsen TV Rating UNDER (41.6) - $100

  • BOJ's Week 20 Stake: $900
    BOJ's Week 20 Wagered: $900

    I found even stranger bets on news sites (Prince falls while perfroming at halftime pays 100-1) but I tried to keep my prop bets to ones I could find at actual betting sites.

    So that's it, the last of the fake money. No, I will no bet on the Pro Bowl...


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