Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Fake Gambling and More

It's playoff time! Even though neither of my pre-season Super Bowl picks are still playing, this is still what the whole thing is about. It's about getting to the Super Bowl.

So before we get to the fake gambling, let's take a look at the 12 teams still in the running for the big prize, listed in order of their liklihood to be the champion when all is said and done:

  • San Diego Every other team still in this thing has glaring weaknesses. The Chargers are the most complete team in this thing. Extrenely well coached, I'll be suprised if they aren't the AFC representative in the big game.

  • Baltimore Face it, the AFC is just the better conference this year. I don't like the Ravens, never have, but they can still play defense, they addressed their QB issues in the off season and the offense is producing since they fired their offensive coordinator.

  • New England Still the best coached team in the NFL. They're not at the same level they have been in the past, but they're still better than anything the NFC has to offer.

  • ChicagoGreat defense, but the offense is erratic. They looked like the team to beat until they went south at the QB position. Still a dangerous team, and don't forget about their special teams.

  • New Orleans Rookie coach Sean Payton has turned this team around. Reggie Bush had a great rookie season and he might not be the best rookie on his own team. They are interesting on offense, good enough on defense and should be in it until the NFC Championship game.

  • Seattle Banged up all year long, but starting to get healthy at the right time. Still Shawn Alexander hasn't been the same since the injury. A darkhorse, but if they can put it all together, they could be dangerous.

  • Indianapolis If they could only stop the run. They can't. They face KC in the first round and will have a tough time getting past them. A good team with a glaring weakness that EVERYONE seemed to take advantage of.

  • Philadelphia I don't know why we didn't believe in Jeff Garcia. The guy's been to the Pro Bowl. He's looked good and Andy Reid changed his play calling to make this team very effective.

  • Dallas I honestly expected this team to implode with the addition of TO. Didn't happen. Tony Romo hasn't played as well recently, but he gives this team a chance.

  • New York Jets I'll be honest, I expected nothing from this team. If Sean Payton weren't in the league, Mangini would be coach of the year. It probably all ends in the first round, though.

  • New York Giants As talented as anyone, but they seem to be a bunch of loud mouthed assholes. I hope they lose just so we can hear how they were outcoached. It never seems to be the Giants player's faults....

  • Kansas City They are the worst team in the playoffs, but I wouldn't be suprised all that much if they got by the Colts this weekend. They can run the ball.

  • With that out of the way, here's my picks for week 18:

  • Kansas City (+7) at Indianapolis - $100

  • Dallas at Seattle (-3) - $100

  • New York Giants at Philadelphia (-7) - $100

  • BOJ's Week 18 Stake: $1600
    BOJ's Week 18 Wagered: $300

    I think the Colts win, but KC keeps it close. Seattle puts it all together. The Giants finally implode completely, going out in a blaze of glory.


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