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Good things happen when you let other people touch
the ball...
I always liked the New York Giants, the Bill Parcells coached teams of the 80's and 90's with the great defenses and just enough offense to win.

In 1991, the Giants drafted a WR named Ed McCaffrey with little fanfare. I watched him play some in the pre-season that year and I was impressed. He never made much of an impact in New York, though and was shipped off to San Francisco after three years.

After an unspectacular year with the 'Niners, Ed found himself in Denver. Now I always liked the Giants, but I lived and breathed Denver Broncos football. A player I like ends up with my favorite team, I was certainly hoping for the best. I wasn't disappointed.

Ed helped bring two Super Bowls to Denver, caught 462 passes for 6,200 yards and was a constant inspiration. Ed got clobbered on seemingly every play, nearly always hung onto the ball and always (except for one quite memorable time on September 10th, 2001) got up to play again.

Through a special agreement with Pro Football Reference, The Globex Corporation is proud to announce our sponsorship of Ed's accomplishments on Ed's Pro Football Reference Page!


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